BFI Flare review of A Deal with the Universe

This morning I had my eyes opened to the most amazing debut documentary film by Jason Barker.

Showing the inspirational story of Jason and partner Tracey trying to achieve the impossible, or is it?. The filming of this, sometimes tear jerking film, was shot entirely on home video. Using footage spanning from a fifteen year period from where Jason and Tracey's relationship blossomed through the difficulties of gender identity and the long, often uphill battle to become parents.

We as the audience are invited to share this remarkable story of how their family finally became whole. With a few set backs such as ethics committees saying no, breast cancer, loss of friends and cats; the story takes several different avenues with plans changing along the way - you can't say that Tracey and Jason weren't determined to find a way.

This is definitely a new outlook on an everyday story. Throughout the film I gasped, I cried, I laughed out loud and had questions answered that I didn't have a clue about - I mean where would you start on this exciting adventure?!

5 star film review of A Deal with the Universe on Planet Nation

"Inspiring, emotional roller coaster of an intimate powerful story"

"Awesome debut documentary film by former BFI Flare Programmer"

"Dad, I'm the only member of the family with a penis"


Jason Barker’s debut feature documentary 'A Deal With The Universe' is a very personal chronicle of becoming a parent. Drawing on the filmed diaries made over the last ten years that document both Jason’s transgender journey as well has his parental journey. This film is groundbreaking in terms of it’s intimate insights into gender identity and new parenthood.

90 minute Documentary 2018.

  • Director: Jason Barker
  • Executive Producer: Natasha Dack Ojumu

Jason BarkerAbout Jason Barker

Jason is a director, actor and has also co-written and starred in Silly Girl (2016) a five minute short about drama and romance. 

SCREENINGS OF A Deal with the Universe

You can see A Deal with the Universe at BFI Flare on Monday 26 March, 20:50 NFT1; Wednesday 28 March, 18:40 Studio and Saturday 31 March, 14:00 Studio


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