Thank God, I kept the receipt #DatingDoneBadly

’Try not to scare away all the girls, Caitlin.’

My Grandfather has always managed the softest of touches with his words of romantic wisdom.

‘I mean, if I were them, I’d be running a mile too.’

Thanks a bunch, Grandpa.

Evidently, the Disney Store was not the IDEAL place for a gift during the early stages of lesbian dating.

Who knew?

Probably the part of day where I was left struggling to leave the store with a life-size plush toy of Olaf, (and a bag of her ‘favourite’ bananas & shrimps sweets), was not one of my BEST dating decisions…

…Especially it being in aid of Date No. 2 and all…

Did I forget to mention that? Silly me.

Lesbians move fast, who knew?

But it’s CHRISTMAS! I say to myself … while carefully finishing off the last of her handmade Christmas card with all manner of love, sentiment and glitter glue.

(I don’t think beavers come more eager than this).

That’s my #DatingDoneBadly, guys.

Thank God, I kept the receipt.