Planet and the Stars

SHE4ME and... Cathy DeBuono

Posted by Editor on 23 March 2014

Cathy's involvement in SHE4ME is through her established friendship with Nicole Conn and Jen Foster. As a wedding guest, more of an "ancilliary supportive presence", Cathy had the opportunity to stand back and watch the production create Nicole Conn's "beautiful, dreamy vision".

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Webseries: #Hashtag review & Marnie Alton interview

Posted by Editor on 15 March 2014

#Hashtag follows the love lives of two technology-obsessed best friends in Chicago. From Instagram seduction to inappropriate selfies, Twitter over-sharing to OK Cupid...

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SHE4ME and Nicole Conn

Posted by Editor on 09 March 2014

What Marriage Equality would mean for Nicole and indeed "all of us", is "humanity acknowledging we are humans with the same rights as straight people". As Nicole puts it,
"love between any two people is acceptable and society – every soul deserves that right."

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SHE4ME and Jen Foster

Posted by Editor on 07 March 2014

Jen and Sue took the decision to align with Marriage Equality, the organisation, and also to be patient in waiting for things to come together to make a special video that would really be a "statement". It was not always a straightforward process to get supporters on board and keep them on board and wait for things to fall in place, but well worth the wait in our opinion. 

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SHE 4 ME & Nicole Pacent

Posted by Editor on 04 March 2014

Nicole talks about her "inspiring" fan base and some of the horrors LGBT people face around the world, with homosexuality  being illegal, let alone a fight for equal marriage.

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Interview: Diving in Deep with 'Submerge' producer Kat Holmes

Posted by Editor on 24 February 2014

SUBMERGE explores the conflict that can arise from indulging one's desires in a modern, consumerist world of endless choice. Jordan, a 20 year old athletic university student has added another extracurricular activity to her over-scheduled life—seducing her tutor, Angie, while doing research work for Angie’s professor partner.

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She4Me - the mass equal marriage campaign project gathers support globally #LoveIsLove

Posted by Editor on 22 February 2014

Watch the video below or at Singer-Songwriter Jen Foster gave her song and her time to be the soundtrack to the campaign and the music behind the story of two women who fall in love and get married. Foster appears in the video as the “Wedding Singer.” 

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Well, well, wells - Mary Jane Wells

Posted by Editor on 14 January 2014

We had the chance to speak to the gorgeous British-actress-living-in-LA Mary Jane Wells about her career, her work with lesbian film maker extraordinaire Nicole Conn and a very important upcoming piece of political theatre...

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Tracy Ryserson and Stacie K of 'The Real L Word' - audio interview

Posted by Editor on 21 November 2013

A cheeky interview with these 2 gorgeous stars from The Real L Word

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Interview with Mae Martin

Posted by Editor on 02 October 2013

We caught up with Mae Martin as she prepared for her upcoming show at Soho Theatre (Wed 9 to Sat 12 October). We decided to dig into her inner mind and find out a bit more about Mae and her comedy antics.

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"Kiss Her I'm Famous": Interview with Rolla Selbak

Posted by Editor on 22 September 2013

Following the selection of Rolla Selbak's web series "Kiss Her I'm Famous" in the Raindance Film Festival's first independent web festival, we caught up with the Award Winning Director to find out what inclusion in the festival means and what's coming up for the hit series.

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Interview: Lucy Spraggan talks to us about fans, life and the future

Posted by Editor on 15 September 2013

Beer Fear, Boobs & Pride...

Following a short-lived appearance on X-Factor, something which she is clear to acknowledge was a spring board to all that's happened in her career throughout 2013, Lucy Spraggan has rocketed onto the pop music scene.

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My Kingdom for Horse: Interview with Horse

Posted by Editor on 02 December 2012

Horse credits her longstanding music career, which spans some 30 years, to determination, self belief and the power of her songs. It hasn't been the straightforward career-in-a-box many young hopefuls pitch for on the reality TV circuit, turbulent in terms of opportunities coming and going, and personal challenges too. However, the songs speak for themselves, and quality and integrity of songwriting is something Horse prides herself on. Originality, too, and being unafraid to stay true to her music rather than become part of the pop music marketing machine.

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"This Lady’s Not for Turning Either": Interview with Susan Calman

Posted by Editor on 19 October 2012

Scottish BAFTA winning, Funny Woman finalist, Stand up Comedian Susan Calman took some time out of rehearsals to talk to Planet London about mixing politics with comedy, reactions to her often deeply personal stand up routines, and not Googling herself. 

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Lara A King, singer, songwriter & stand up comedian

Posted by Editor on 10 November 2011

Planet London caught up with Lara in the Mint VIP area overlooking the exhibitor hall and main stage shortly before she performed to the Big Gay Lifestyle Show visitors.

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Rosie Wilby, comedian, musician, writer and broadcaster

Posted by Editor on 22 October 2011

Planet London managed to grab 5 minutes with Rosie before she compered the Funny Women slot at the Big Gay Lifestyle Show. Rosie has been involved with Funny Women since she made the final of their competition in 2006.

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Clare Summerskill, stand-up, writer, actress, & singer-songwriter

Posted by Editor on 28 July 2011

Clare Summerskill tells Planet London how being a lesbian has influenced her career

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Stella Duffy, author, playwright, improviser and performer

Posted by Editor on 23 June 2011

Stella Duffy is the author of seven literary novels including her latest, ‘Theodora, Actress, Empress, Whore’. Two of her other novels, ‘The Room of Lost Things’ and ‘State of Happiness’ were both long-listed for the Orange Prize.

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