Planet and the Stars

'Zoe.Misplaced' - interview with the filmmakers

Posted by Christabel on 12 March 2015

If you haven’t heard of Zoe.Misplaced yet, you soon will. For this Australian drama is picking up quite a name for itself as one of country’s foremost lesbian indie films. Not least of all for the achievement in shooting this feature on a budget of $8,000AUS.

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Desiree Akhavan on her new film Appropriate Behaviour

Posted by Yazy Tauk on 04 March 2015

Planet London journalist, Yazy Tauk, interviewed the beautiful and talented Desiree Akhavan, director and lead actor in her new film Appropriate Behaviour.

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Connecting with the writers & stars of #Hashtag

Posted by Editor on 31 January 2015

With a series that contains references to pretty much all the social media on offer, including a brilliant argument with Siri, a Vine viral sensation, swiping on Tinder and much more (probably one or two references that went straight over this writer's "down with the kids" head) what could be more fitting than three-way Skype call to talk about the web series? 

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Life in Colors... new LGBT filmmaking from the UK

Posted by Planet Nation on 27 January 2015

Life in Colors is a a poetic love story during a time when homosexuality in Britain was illegal

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Burlesque Dancing all the way to Buckingham Palace

Posted by Planet Nation on 14 January 2015

Sukki Singapora talks about her burlesque achievements and the LGBT community and how we feel like we still have to go through this pressure to publically “come out” - as if our sexuality or diversity is somehow this “secret” which people need to be aware of.

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Nesting Doll - Q&A with Alexandra Adomaitis

Posted by Editor on 30 November 2014

As Nicole Conn's next project Nesting Doll gets underway, we take time to catch up with writer and lead actor Alex Adomaitis, who reveals some behind the scenes juice!

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Is anyone... Afraid of Vagina Wolf? New release starring Guinevere Turner (dir Anna Margarita Albelo)

Posted by Editor on 01 September 2014

Anna is a charismatic but struggling filmmaker facing a midlife crisis, having turned 40, she lives in her friend's garage in L.A., dances in a vagina costume for money, and has neither job nor girlfriend. Just when she's about to give up on both, she meets sexy post-feminist, Katia.

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Interview: Jemima Rooper

Posted by Editor on 30 August 2014

Jemima Rooper is set to star as Sharon in new play Breeders, written by Ben Ockrent, directed by Tamara Harvey, from 3 September - 4 October at the St James Theatre. Angela Griffin and Tamsin Outhwaite also star.

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#QLive Drop Dead Gorgeous: interview with Republica & Kenelis

Posted by Planet Nation on 05 August 2014

We were very lucky to catch up with Saffron Sprackling, lead singer of legendary band Republica, and Mel Sanson, Q Alternative Stage organiser and front person, as well as lead singer for Brighton rock band Kenelis right before they rocked the stage at Brighton Pride. 

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#QLive Interview: A little catch up with Lucy Spraggan...

Posted by Editor on 04 August 2014

We caught up on the latest with Brighton local and Brighton Pride Q Alternative Stage performer Lucy Spraggan backstage...

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Part 2: Exclusive Interview with Drag Idol Winner LoUis CYfer - Missy Downgirl gets up close and personal with LoUis and Lucy

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on 22 July 2014

Part 2 of our exclusive feature with 2014 Drag Idol Winner LoUis CYfer

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Exclusive Interview with Drag Idol Winner LoUis CYfer - Missy Downgirl gets up close and personal with LoUis and Lucy pt 1

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on 06 July 2014

When Missy Downgirl from DowngirlsNW1 called us to say she had an exclusive interview from Drag Idol winner LoUis CYfer Aka Lucy Jane Parkinson, we knew it wasn't going to be a standard interview and article ...

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EXCLUSIVE Lucy Spraggan Interview @ Pride in London

Posted by Editor on 30 June 2014

After an epic pheasant-plucking quest, we finally had the chance to catch up with fan favourite and Ultimate Planet Community Award winner Lucy Spraggan in person at this year's Pride in London - and she did not disappoint!

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"The Thin Line" Interview with Heather Peace

Posted by Editor on 02 June 2014

Peace's decision to leave Waterloo Road, and concentrate on the second album now was driven by a desire to give the fans what they want. Following the success of the first album and the growing dedicated fan base, whom Peace credits as very "sweet, generous, respectful and the reason I get to do a job I love", she did not want to keep them hanging on too long.

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A Q&A with Mae Martin...

Posted by Planet Nation on 31 May 2014

In advance of her "live" show at Soho Theatre this week (6/7 June, 7.30pm, Tickets from £10), we caught up with Canadian Comedian Mae Martin to see how things are going since we last spoke...

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Guess What? It's Gina Yashere

Posted by Editor on 31 May 2014

After establishing that Gina had indeed recovered from the mega party of The Dinah, confessing she "partied very hard that weekend".

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She4Me - the mass equal marriage campaign project gathers support globally #LoveIsLove

Posted by Editor on 05 May 2014

Watch the video below or at Singer-Songwriter Jen Foster gave her song and her time to be the soundtrack to the campaign and the music behind the story of two women who fall in love and get married. Foster appears in the video as the “Wedding Singer.” 

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The Dinah 2014 Film Festival incl. Liz Vassey & #Hashtag interviews

Posted by Editor on 06 April 2014

With an even bigger line up than the 2013 event, making this second Dinah Film Festival a now solid fixture on the programme, the limited ticket audience were in for an exclusive treat.

Programmers had arranged a huge line up of the cast and film makers of the 7 strong programme, making this a very special event for guests. Cast and filmmakers took to the stage in possibly the strongest ever LBQ line up on one small stage after the screenings to do a Q&A session and may stayed around after the event to chat to fans.

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Doing the Dinah in 2014 - our inside scoop on the international womens festival in Palm Springs, CA

Posted by Editor on 04 April 2014

Our aim is to give you an insight into this festival; break down the barriers and let you know what to expect as a Brit going to The Dinah.

This is our ongoing review of Dinah Shore. Not sure what Dinah Shore is about? Want to get a bit of an inside view of the whole week? Your wish is our command!

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#BFI Flare: Tru Love; Co-Directors Kate Johnston & Shauna MacDonald

Posted by Editor on 25 March 2014

Beautifully shot over a Toronto Winter, this sweetly told story creates an unusual love story and journey. The eponymous Tru (Shauna Macdonald) is the typical "Shane", loving the ladies superficially, but not the depth of commitment a relationship would require. It transpires that she has good reason to use sex instead of love to be close to people.

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