Webseries: #Hashtag review & Marnie Alton interview

Friend Me. Follow Me. Like Me. Fall for Me.
#Hashtag follows the love lives of two technology-obsessed best friends in Chicago. From Instagram seduction to inappropriate selfies, Twitter over-sharing to OK Cupid...
It's the newest webseries from Tello and it premiers on Sunday 16th March at
www.onemorelesbian.com/tello/webseries/hashtag. Episodes will be released weekly.
#Hashtag follows two best friends, played by co-writers Caitlin Bergh (Roomies) and Laura Zak, who rely too heavily on technology in their love exploits and friendships.
From Instagram seduction to inappropriate selfies, twitter oversharing to OKCupid dating, the girls are about to learn the real-life consequences of over-indulgence in a virtual world. Also featuring tello favorites Marnie Alton (CowGirl Up) and Kate Black-Spence (The Throwaways), #Hashtag explores modern intimacy, and the ensuing hilarity, in the stand-up comedy and queer dating scenes of Chicago’s Girls’ Town.

Liv and Skylar are about to learn the real-life consequences of over-indulgence in the virtual world.


#Hashtag stars/writers Caitlin Bergh and Laura Zak, both formerly of Chicago and presently of the West Coast, agree that having their first series produced by tello is "a dream come true":


#Hashtag"We can't believe that Liv and Skylar, who've been living in our heads for so long, will be alive and kicking on tello!" said Bergh, a stand-up comedian who also appeared in the tello series "Roomies" with Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard. Zak adds: "To have a production company support us through script development, production, and release is a dream for a beginning writer, and we're proud to have our show up on tello along with their fun, funny, and poignant lesbian stories."


We caught up with recurring guest star Marnie Alton about the upcoming series. She told us she's looking forward the premiere on Sunday and getting glammed up for a cast reunion to celebrate the launch.


Alton is a big fan of the webseries format. She says it's the next "freedom" to inspire creativity without the restrictions of the networks and advertisers, and the TV of our times.


Independent cable channels such as Showtime led the way 10-15 years ago, and there will always be  demand to produce "small artistic shows without pressures". The format is very compatible with Alton's interest in focusing on work that "inspires artistically".


Previous positive experiences and a genuine trust with tello, a good, funny script that is "quirky and real" are some of the reasons behind Alton's choice to get involved with the #Hashtag project. She describes the series as a "look into all our lives, the modern woman's peek beyond social media", with a likeness to The Wizard of Oz.


The clear on screen chemistry we see in the series comes from a strong bonding process off-screen - developed through shooting on location, banding together in a short amount of time, getting straight in, and making out with cast members (on screen of course!) as part of the introduction process.


#Hashtag 2There certainly is a good amount of "steaminess" in the series. A whole episode with the cast in sexy lingerie, for example, might not have been as fun to shoot as the episode implies. After rushing to pick up a last minute costume for the shoot, Alton describes the storm-like conditions "crazy winds and tornadoes" that were the back drop to the action. Apparently it's difficult to whisper on mic over a thunderstorm...


Alton fesses up to not being as social media savvy as the characters in the series. She does, however, relate to Instagram with its artistic and storytelling aspects, and enjoys the opportunity to "interact with fans" and friends. However, Alton is quick to respond when asked what #hashtag would best sum her up... it's a long one but sound:


"#i'dratherbesomeone’sshotofwhiskeythaneverybody’scupoftea". Not one for Twitter, really!


tello series Cow Girl Up also features Alton, who came back from England to shoot this ranch based, horse riding lez fest and hang out with dearest friends, generally laughing all day on set.