On The Sofa with Rosie and The Goldbug

Rosie and The Goldbug (Rosie Vanier, Lee Matthews and Joseph Taylor) talk masturbation, Kate Bush and their new single "Running in the Dark" in their interview with Yazy Tauk 

So you guys are playing tonight! Do you have any pre-gig rituals?
Rosie: Masturbation

Right I’m not sure how I’m supposed to tell my boss what you said!


I might have to change it to massage

R: Genital massage

So is this a group task- something that you all do together?

Rosie: Yeah we do it in the van.

Bubs: Yeah like to do it somewhere with a view don’t we? Sunset and chitchat usually does it for me.

Lee: What do we actually do before a gig?

R: Drink lots of water,

B: yeah Rosie drinks lots of water and me and Lee walk around having mild panic attacks.

Do you still get nervous?

L: Yeah definitely, I think it’s good to be nervous.

What is it that you get nervous about?

L: I guess it’s more anxious, waiting for other acts to finish.

R: I hate waiting, and because we’re an unknown band we never know what the audience is going to be like, so it’s scary playing to people that could hate us because they don’t know what to expect. It’s not like it’s sort of a warmed crowd. So it’s quite scary to go on stage as you don’t know how they’re going to receive you.

So it’s obviously quite different playing in London than it is Cornwall as that’s where you guys are from. Do you get a warm squishy feeling when you play to a home crowd?

L: Yeah they’re generally quite warm and squishy in Cornwall.

R: I don’t listen. I like to be in my own little world, and I find it quite distracting to go in. After the gig is fine, I’ll go and listen to the other bands, but before it’s because I’m nervous about my own gig. So I tend to not be that generous about watching other bands perform, which I should probably work on.

B: No it’s a difficult one, because obviously it’s quite loud and your ears kind of get a bit blown out. Especially as Rosie is a singer.

I can imagine, you don’t want to be singing other people’s lyrics on stage!
Do you find that you listen to other music that resembles your own music?

R: It doesn’t have to resemble but it has to have an emotional intelligence to it, so if it has that, then I love it. It doesn’t have to be our type of music at all, because it would be strange listening to yourself all the time.

Yeah I get what you mean, like really cleverly written lyrics where you think ooh that was a good line.

R: Yeah! And big melodies that’s what I love about Sia’s Chandelier track, is that the chorus has that incredible melody to it. It’s just sort of mind blowing, when I heard it I was like oh my god, I don’t know what to do with myself.

B: It’s like anything we deem is genuine, where you’re like yeah I believe that, then that tends to go down well regardless of if it’s heavy or not at all.

L: Yeah that’s always the case, if you believe it.

Oh wow guys, we’re getting deep here. What’s the best part about playing live?

B: The crowd reaction for me, if we’re playing and the crowd start moving it’s like heroin.

R: I love writing songs so it’s that opportunity to play a new song, that’s one of my favourite things. Recently we’ve been cracking out a few ones so it’s been quite fun. 

L: We’re playing two new ones tonight.

R: Yeah two new ones, because there’s this feeling of apprehension and you don’t know whether it’s going to go right or not. And it’s like really exciting.

Nerve-wrecking and exciting at the same time?

R: Yeah kind of like doing a parachute jump.

Do you guys have any extreme fans?

R: We do have a few extreme ones.

B: They are incredible, they are the nicest people.

R: They are lovely, but I’m worried that one day they will be wearing my skin.

B: I think we’re probably one gig away from being lampshades in their front rooms.

L: I feel like they’ve probably earned it though.

You’ll be cushions on the sofa maybe.

Lee:[Laughs] They’ve done the miles, so they basically own us now.

B: I trust some of them to be at the gig more than Rosie sometimes.

L: And they help us with our gear which is awesome.

R: They carry more than I do.

What would be your dream country to play in?

R: Jools Holland.


B: The country of Jools Holland.

L: America I think.

B: Japan for me.

R: We played in America a couple of times and it was amazing and I’d love to go back but I’d love to be successful in Japan. I don’t know why, I just have this calling to sort of see what it’s like.

B: I’m not driving you there.  You’re going to have to do some of it.

That’s an insane road trip that, to drive all the way to Japan. If you guys weren’t musicians what do you think you would be doing?

L: I think I would be a therapist.

R: How would you be a therapist if you can’t pronounce the word properly?

L: They’ve invented this whole new thing and its therapist with an “F”.  Like mental health, I don’t know why, I just think I could help loads of people.

R: Is that because you’ve been around me for such a long time? I don’t know what I would do. I’ve made plans for when I’m older to be a singing/piano teacher. I have pictures of being this sort of eccentric old lady wearing purple with a cigarette holder and high heels, welcoming the darlings to the door for their music tuition.

B: I’d like to be a policeman. I think it’s sweet, or fireman maybe.  I put out a fire in my house the other day so I’m 80% there already.

If you could invite four musicians to a dinner party, dead or alive. Who would like they be?

R: Would they be dead at the dinner party?- because they might smell if they’ve been there for a while.

L: Gosh that’s a good question. Kurt Cobain for me, but that’s obvious.

B: Jim Morrison.

R: Yeah, I’d like to meet him.  Kate Bush for me, I’d definitely like to eat her.

Oh ok! This interview has had a sudden swerve of direction!

B: We need to have another one, another woman. Patti Smith?

R: Yes, I love Patti Smith. She’s awesome.

So we obviously need to talk about your new single “Running in the Dark”! It came out 4th May. The video is awesome.  The guy is an amazing dancer.

R: He is amazing.

Where did the idea come from? Why that video?

R: Well it was actually my boyfriend’s idea. He had this concept of someone dancing that wasn’t us, lip syncing to the music. We thought that was really funny, and one of my best mates is an actor and he weighs nearly 30 stone and he’s an incredible dancer, so I thought he would be perfect for it. He was doing a Shakespeare play at the time.

B: He did like the last show then got the sleeper train down to Cornwall, we drove him to the place, he danced his arse off for 8 hours and then got the sleeper back.

L: He nailed it in the first take as well, we didn’t use the first bit but the first take could have been used it was insane.

He sounds like a bit of a legend!

R: He is a legend. I think he’s going to be really famous.  He’s already a legend in my book but I think the world is going to know it eventually.

You guys just signed a new record deal. What do you look for in a record label?

R: Usually the manager has to be an ex model and very beautiful.


R: That was our main point.

B: Support, a lot of support. So we feel like we interact with them as people  not just business model. I feel helped by them constantly. More hands on then I think a mainstream major would do.

L: There’s no worry of been put on the shelf, if you know what I mean. 

R: Yeah, music for me is my life. I don’t really know what I would be doing if it wasn’t for music. Music is everything for me so having a label that understands what you’re doing and doesn’t try to change you is so valuable.

That’s a wrap guys, thank you so much and good luck for tonight. I look forward to seeing you perform later on!