EXCLUSIVE Lucy Spraggan Interview @ Pride in London

After an epic pheasant-plucking quest, we finally had the chance to catch up with fan favourite and Ultimate Planet Community Award winner Lucy Spraggan in person at this year's Pride in London - and she did not disappoint!

Lucy performed an acoustic set at the Women's Stage to massive applause and revelry - flying in from Egypt early on the morning of Pride and pulling off a massive crowd-pleasing 20 minute set. 

Katie with LucyWith the ability to weave authentic stories and uptempo folk-hip-hop guitar, it's no wonder the girls go wild for this down to earth Sheffield-born lass.

Planet London (PL): How are you?

Lucy Spraggan (LS): Very well thanks (A bit tired)... just back from holiday

PL: Adventurous Travels?

LS: Well yes, it was interesting, there was an incident where we were staying with 15 armed police officers and a machine gun...

PL: There's a song in there somewhere...

Lucy SpragganPL: How are Pride events different from any other that you perform at?

LS: I think they are always a bit more mad and a bit more fun... it's not that gay people are more fun. But gay people are more fun.

PL: What are you working on at the moment? We saw you released a sneak peak of a new track earlier in the year

LS: Yes, that was Papercuts, one of the new songs. I'm doing new songs for the second album, and I'm straying out of the box a little bit - doing some things people wouldn't expect, I hope

PL: We are looking forward to that

Lucy SpragganPL: What's been your favourite experience on stage so far?

LS: Playing all the big festivals like V and T in the Park has been really special because they're the things you don't really ever think you'll get to play and where you are playing them it's amazing. 

PL: and you are packing the tents out at those festivals as well 

LS: It's a bit mad, yes!

PL: What is your favourite karaoke song?

LS: 'English Man in New York' (Sting) or Goldie Looking Chain 'Guns Don't Kill' which I can do without even looking at the screen!

PL: Who'd be your ideal duet?

LS: Dolly Parton

PL: What's your favourite sound?

LS: My dog Steve makes this noise. When I say "Sing me the song of your people" he meows like a cat [Lucy's impression was pretty close to it!]

PL: Would you rather be a frisbee or a space hopper?

LS: Spacehopper. Always. 

PL: What's your favourite drink?

LS: It changes from day to day but at the moment it's.... 

[Editor's note: At this point we got distracted by how many songs there are in Last Night (Beer Fear). We didn't know - but Lucy this this list just for you:

Lucy SpragganVodka
Bells Fine Whisky 
Sailor Jerry's
Flamin' Sambuca]

PL: What is your best or worse beer fear moment?

LS: I woke up, and the back of my head had been glued together with a glue stitch and I couldn't remember how. All I had was a picture on my phone of me and a reindeer. That's a true story.

PL: What biscuit best describes your personality?

LS: I'm gonna have to say my favourite - chocolate digestive with caramel inside. Because it's full of calories. And so am I. 

PL: What's your favourite monster munch flavour?

LS: Everyone knows it's got to be pickled onion. 

Lucy SpragganPL: Would you rather be attacked by a horse sized duck or a dozen duck sized horses?

LS: Obviously a horse sized duck.

PL: But it could eat you in one go. You could run away from the horses.

LS: Or climb up away from them. Or ride them. 

[Editor's note: inconclusive.]

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