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High Desert – Katherine V. Forrest

Posted by Planet Nation on 03 February 2014

High Desert is the ninth in the Kate Delafield detective series and once again plunges us into a combination of crime and personal crisis.

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Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel

Posted by Editor on 24 January 2014

Part medical drama, part crime thriller, part romantic drama, the story follows Priya as she tried to unravel what happened to her boss that night, her role in his death and a complicated new love interest. 

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Virtual Book Tour Event: The Beginning of Us by Sarah Brooks

Posted by Planet Nation on 24 January 2014

‘The Beginning Of Us’ is a lesbian romance story. A 21-year old college student falls in love with one of her professors, you could say it was love at first sight for Tara.

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The Vision Painter - Falling Colours & Casting Shadows by RJ Samuel

Posted by Claire Estelle on 22 January 2014

These two books are part of a series about Kiran the only vision painter in Ireland, a concept, I found so fascinating I looked it up on Google, before realising these books are written within the magic realism and crime genres.

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Static book cover

Virtual Book Tour Event: Static by LA Witt

Posted by Planet Nation on 20 January 2014

After two years together, Alex has been dreading the inevitable moment when Damon learns the truth: that Alex is a shifter, part of a small percentage of the population able to switch genders at will.

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Static book cover

Two virtual book tour events coming soon!

Posted by Planet Nation on 06 January 2014

Planet London is working with Riptide Publishing to bring to special lesbian author events at the end of January.

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SATM ibook cover for indie award

Spoon and The Moon: Lesbian app developers (Marie Davis and Margaret Hultz) create -- Best Indie Book for 2013!

Posted by Planet Nation on 22 December 2013

The world’s first full-length, adult iNovel with animations, a hot soundtrack by musicians from North America and Europe, all woven through a dark, magical storyline.

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The Rubbish Lesbian (aren't we all sometimes?)

Posted by Editor on 19 December 2013

A neat idea to bring together over 80 selected articles, from the popular column that appears regularly in DIVA magazine.

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Mari Hannah, The Murder Wall (Detective Kate Daniels series)

Posted by Editor on 19 December 2013

The Kate Daniels Crime Series begins with The Murder Wall, published April 2012 and has journeyed Mari Hannah in a whirlwind all the way to the second Polari First Book Prize in November 2013.

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The Virtual Living Room

Posted by Planet Nation on 02 December 2013

The VLR is a place where readers and writers of lesbian literature in its permutations (books, e-books, comics, etc) can come together and discuss the works and the topics within them, as well as celebrate the community that lesbian fiction readers can be. 

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Playing My Love by Angela Peach

Posted by Editor on 22 November 2013

A complex romance that brings together two very different but appealing women in a tricky situation, that makes it difficult to be together.

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Polari Literary Salon: 6th Birthday and the 2nd Polari First Book Prize Winner

Posted by Editor on 16 November 2013

From humble beginnings in a bar in Soho, to the swanky Purcell Room at SouthBank, Polari, brainchild of, chaired and curated by Paul Burston, LGBT Editor at Time Out has come a long way and is still going from strength to strength on it's 6th Birthday. 

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One foot onto the Ice - Kiki Archer

Posted by Planet Nation on 02 November 2013

A blast from the past stirs up unexpected chemistry between two opposites - philandering laid-back Ski Instructor Jenna and uptight school teacher Susan Quinn.

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It's okay to be gay - Celebrity Coming Out Stories

Posted by Editor on 13 October 2013

A short collection of coming out stories from some of the most well known members of the UK LGBT community.

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Counting Down the Seconds (short story anthology)

Posted by Editor on 01 October 2013

The winning and runner-up entries chosen to represent the field in this publication cover all genres, styles and types of relationship and types of lesbian/bi woman.

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Age of Aquarius - Sofia Antonia Milone

Posted by Editor on 17 September 2013

This novella, set in 1960s New York tells the unlikely romance of two polar opposite women -  artist Charlotte and art critic Rachel.

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Gretel: A Fairytale retold

Posted by Planet Nation on 14 September 2013

This quirky but poignant tale flips traditional fairy tale monster narrative into a equality based morality tale with a lesbian twist.

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The Saz Martin series by Stella Duffy

Posted by Editor on 14 June 2013

To celebrate the release of the Saz Martin series as e-books some 19 years after the original publication of the first in the series, I have had the pleasure of re-reading the books and the opportunity to talk about them here.

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But She is My Student & Instigations (the Kat and Freya series) by Kiki Archer

Posted by Planet Nation on 24 May 2013

It's not very often we get lesbian romance stories with a happy ending, and that is what Kiki Archer offers us through these two journeys of Kat and Freya's relationship as it blossoms from a kiss in a nightclub to a lifetime of happiness.

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Book Review: Leap by Z Egloff

Posted by Editor on 03 May 2013

It's the start of Summer 1979 and Rowan Marks is in what should be the start of a carefree yawning gulf between high school graduation and College starting.

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