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Jean Erhardt: The Kim Claypoole Mysteries

Posted by Claire Estelle on 16 August 2014

In Small Town Trouble, I really enjoyed reading the sub plot, about the two gay dads who were doing their best to raise a child in the face of extreme prejudice without completely unravelling as a couple. The main crime plot was thrilling and a real page turner, I just had to keep reading to see what happened next and who was behind all the random murders. 

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High Rack by Wollie Boehm

Posted by Planet Nation on 12 July 2014

Wollie Boehm's modern urban fable offers a quirky, beautiful look at love and the choices we have to make.

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Camellia (Book one) by Cari Z and Caitlin Ricci

Posted by Planet Nation on 08 July 2014

This is the first in a series of Camellia books and this one definitely left me wanting to read more. Whether you are, or aren’t, interested in BDSM, I would recommend reading Camellia. It is much more than whips & chains, it is a story of two very different women who come together through their work and how a business relationship can very quickly turn into a personal one. 

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"That Certain Something" by Clare Ashton

Posted by Editor on 08 June 2014

With a highly likeable protagonist in Pia, plus a hot chemistry that comes across very well on the page, That Certain Something is an extremely readable love tale, with a hint of Pride and Prejudice channeled through the 'Bennet' magazine name. 

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Betrayal: Abby’s Guilt by Sofia Velardi

Posted by Amy Withnall on 17 May 2014

Abby knows everything there is to know about Kyle apart from anything to do with his older sister Brianna. All she knows is that Brianna ran away from home when she was 18 and that Kyle doesn’t seem to like her very much. Abby finally gets to meet Brianna when she is in town for an audition and her life changes forever. 

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"When you Know" by Kiki Archer

Posted by Editor on 04 May 2014

This is the sequel to Archer's recent One Foot Onto the Ice, picking up almost immediately after where the first novel left off, however with the twist that this novel is set back in England, and for much of the time Jenna and Susan are long distance.

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'Jess' by Pauline George

Posted by Claire Estelle on 20 April 2014

Set in Croydon this book is a welcome addition to lesbian fiction from the UK. The author tells a good story, keeps you interested in the characters which keeps you reading because you want to know whats happens next. 

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Little Whispers (Short Story collection) by Karen Campbell

Posted by Editor on 20 April 2014

This lovely collection of short stories combines heart with a range of interesting characters, and a common thread of fond retrospect. A few are picked out below...

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'Say Something' by Jade Winters

Posted by Editor on 20 April 2014

This book explores some intense experiences of classroom bullying, emotional abuse, familial death and some of the possible consequences of these, through the developing relationship of Jessie and Toni, who are drawn together in a way neither can ignore. 

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Moon Chilled by Caitlin Ricci

Posted by Amy Withnall on 19 April 2014

Moon Chilled is a story of two werewolf mates, Shae & Maiki. Shae leaves the pack when she is 13 years old; she’s had enough of being abused by the alpha.

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A Map of Everything by Elizabeth Earley

Posted by Amy Withnall on 25 March 2014
A Map of Everything is literally what it says on the tin (or the book cover in this case), it is a map (or a novel) about everything: love, tragedy, despair, complex family, and personal, relationships and personal transformation. The story follows a family through their ups and downs, good times & bad after one very wet day changed their lives forever. 
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True Nature by Jae

Posted by Planet Nation on 22 March 2014

True Nature by Jae is a supernatural lesbian romance that will immerse you in the Wrasa’s universe, where you’ll learn about shape-shifting wolves, foxes, and lions as well as their strong passions and fears. But the book is mainly about love and how it can overcome differences.

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See Right Through Me by LT Smith

Posted by Planet Nation on 18 March 2014

See Right Through Me by L.T. Smith is the book you’re looking for if you want to have a great time and laughter with an entertaining lesbian romance. It’s perfect for a holiday when you just want to relax and forget everything but the magic of love at first sight and read about human doubts and insecurities that can ruin everything.

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Three new short stories from Less Than Three Press

Posted by Claire Estelle on 08 March 2014

Three short stories; three micro reviews; from Less Than Three Press...

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London Calling by Clare Lydon

Posted by Editor on 27 February 2014

While accessible publishing has led to a marked increase in lesbian fiction, the quality across the board is variable. That is not the case with Clare Lydon's London Calling which is as strong as any mainstream straight chick lit from a major publisher.

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Guilty Hearts by Jade Winters

Posted by Amy Withnall on 22 February 2014

Guilty Hearts follows the lives of two women, Rachel & Kathryn. Rachel is a journalist for a new women’s magazine and Kathryn is an interior designer to the rich and famous.

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Absolution by S Anne Gardner

Posted by Planet Nation on 13 February 2014

Tragedy overtook Cristina Uraca Alacala when she was 9 years old. Her socialite parents, linked to the Spanish Royal family, killed in a road traffic accident along with her adored younger sister. Ever since her loving grandmother has shielded her from the world and refused to talk about her family.

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Secret Lies by Amy Dunne

Posted by Planet Nation on 11 February 2014

Jenny is one of those popular girls who appear to have it all. She is attractive, put together, confident. The other girls want to be her, the boys want to have her. But underneath the false bravado is a mess. She blames herself for the death of her adored Gran, hates what she has made herself into and the never-ending pretence to keep it up. She hates herself to the point of self harm. She has sought help, but that doesn’t stop the feelings, doesn’t stop the pain.

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Exception to the Rule - Cindy Rizzo

Posted by Editor on 06 February 2014

Exception to the Rule explores many of the issues young people face when they take that first step into adult hood and feel like they already have everything figured out. 

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Hoosier Daddy – Ann McMan and Salem West

Posted by Planet Nation on 06 February 2014

The story takes us on a journey, it challenges us to think about the politics and the implications for a small community whose whole economy is routed in one failing industry. 

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