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'Too Late... I love you' by Kiki Archer

Posted by Editor on 14 June 2015

With two strong, interesting, charismatic female leads whose intense chemistry cannot be denied from their very first meeting that takes them on a winding journey filled with drama, humour, dilemmas and the scope for happy outcomes.

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Diary of a Broken Heart by Karen Campbell

Posted by Amy Withnall on 03 April 2015

A brilliant novel from a very talented author. I can't wait to read what Karen has in store for us next.

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Somewhere to Run by Anna Goldman

Posted by Claire Estelle on 14 March 2015

This is not a girl meets girl, falls in love, girl loses girl, then gets her back, before they ride off together kind of book and I enjoyed its difference. Its an interesting exploration of what happens after two lesbians decide they want to be together. 

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Living in Sin by Anastasia Vitsky

Posted by charliethegirl on 10 March 2015

Anastasia Vitsky's Living In Sin is set against the backdrop of a terminally ill grandmother and a family that is as much clinging together with grief as it is being torn apart by it, Vitsky stitches a story that manages to be infinitely familiar and unapologetically strange.

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Love's Perfect Vintage by Elizabeth Andre

Posted by Yazy Tauk on 16 February 2015

It's everyone's worst nightmare when your parents get involved with your relationships, however beautiful African- American Aisha Watson relies on her mother to help her find the girl of her dreams.

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Periwinkle Cove by Cassandra Pierce

Posted by Amy Withnall on 15 February 2015

The friendship/relationship between Darcy and Livia progresses rather fast but the way the author has put this across makes you believe and feel every feeling they are feeling for each other.

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Bright Lights of Summer by Lynn Ames

Posted by Editor on 15 February 2015

A reflection on how hard it used to be, to live openly gay and how much easier things are today, nevertheless a tale of lifelong love, determination and commitment and the satisfaction of finding a true love.

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A & A Salvage by Lucy Kemnitzer

Posted by Amy Withnall on 09 February 2015

Overall a nice afternoon's read with a happy ending - I like happy endings

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Double Exposure by Bridget Birdsall

Posted by Yazy Tauk on 30 January 2015

Double Exposure is a heart wrenching novel, whereby Bridget Birdsall takes us on a journey of self-discovery with the main character, Alyx Kowalski. 

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Starting Over by Jen Silver

Posted by Amy Withnall on 11 January 2015

I found this book a very refreshing read and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. There is not a lot of action per se but there is a lot going on, mainly to do with the emotions of the characters, real emotions that we can all sympathise with and that we have all experienced at some point during our lives; anger, jealousy, spite - can Ellie and Robin overcome these emotions and everything that is going on around them to realise that they really and truly do love each other?

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L is For...

Posted by charliethegirl on 04 January 2015

This carefully curated flow feels effortless, and does justice for the stories in the collection, keeping you entertained right until the last page.

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Book Review: The Girl with the Treasure Chest

Posted by katlife on 04 January 2015

The debut novel of Veronica Fearon, The Girl with the Treasure Chest is a fast-paced entertaining read, combining London's lesbian and gangland worlds in a story of obsession, violence and searing passion.

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'Season's meetings' by Amy Dunne

Posted by Claire Estelle on 18 December 2014

Amy Dunne has embraced the challenge of writing a believable romance that is totally enchanting. I loved the main characters of Catherine and Holly, each has their own issues to manage of course, what romance story would be complete without that!

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At the Water's Edge by Harper Bliss

Posted by Editor on 06 December 2014

Bliss's writing draws the reader in from the title. Ella has been through a very difficult time and to recover she returns home to the west coast, away from her Ivy League teaching position, to have some space and also, as per her therapists instructions, deal with some of the causes of the trauma.

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The Repercussions by Catherine Hall

Posted by Amy Withnall on 06 December 2014

The book, which moves between the present day goings on of Jo's life and her great-grandmother's, shows us the tragic consequences of war and how it changes the lives of the people experiencing it.

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'L is For...' UK Les Fic Anthology released

Posted by Planet Nation on 28 November 2014

A wonderful collection of short stories from some of the UK's current best-selling lesbian fiction authors takes you on a journey of tears, laughter, love and lust. With proceeds of all sales going to the charity R U Coming Out, this is one anthology that will hopefully sell for years to come.

Contributing authors:- VG Lee, Suzanne Egerton, Kiki Archer, Deborah Underwood, Angela Peach, Sarah Bolger, Clare Lydon, Crin Claxton, Angela Clerkin, HP Munro, Nic Herriot, Karen Campbell, Frances Gapper, Jade Winters, Tanith Nyx, Andrea Bramhall, Rain McAlistair, Katie Bennett-Hall, Chloe A Marshall

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'The Long Weekend' by Clare Lydon

Posted by Editor on 09 November 2014

"Clare Lydon's second novel sets out her stall as a fixture in the modern lesbian lit canon.

Demonstrating all the maturity and development one might anticipate in a second novel, with plenty of romance, sex, tension and lesbian drama to boot."

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Lesbian Crushes at School: a Diary on growing up in the eighties: 1983-1989

Posted by Amy Withnall on 06 November 2014

It is 1983 and 13-year old Natasha is in love with her French teacher, Miss Williams. Natasha’s love soon turns into an unhealthy obsession when she is no longer being taught by Miss Williams. Some of the things Natasha does to get Miss Williams’ attention are on the verge of stalking, even going so far as to pursue the same career and apply for the exact same course in the same university as Miss Williams.

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After Mrs Hamilton by Clare Ashton

Posted by Claire Estelle on 24 September 2014

This book is intriguing, compelling and worthy of serious attention when reading, otherwise you might get confused by the various twists and turns. It builds towards a wonderfully satisfying ending which made this reader very glad she persevered and compelled to read it again! 

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'The Knowing' by Karen Campbell

Posted by Planet Nation on 23 August 2014

The Knowing is set in Glasgow and is narrated by a psychic psychology lecturer named Jen Keith. Her girlfriend, Kate Coutts is a police officer who finds it hard to believe in Jen’s powers. Jen’s life is a constant struggle with trying to cope with the visions she is seeing and convincing the police and Kate to act upon said visions and save people’s lives.

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