One breath at a Time

Alecia Moore is 21, she studies in Berkeley University. She often visits her parents in the Seattle area on weekends. During one of those visits, she literally stumbles on Spencer Davies, a 24-year-old photographer with a devastating smile. It is love at first sight for both of them. But when Spencer reveals she suffers from an incurable disease, Alecia’s painful past comes back to the surface and she has choices to make. Is Alecia ready to give it all she’s got to once again lose it all?

One Breath at a time coverGaelle Cathy's novel strikes a poignant and ultimately tragic note about the challenges young LGBT couples may face - not only overcoming coming out, and potential familial homophobia, but beyond that, complications that can make us question the very point of love and loving.

Alecia has protected herself after a teenage trauma and is fine... until she mets Spencer, a brave warrior constantly overcoming her own battles. Together they make a team that take on all that life throws at them and be better for their love and place in each others' lives.

With a passion for creativity and the arts that bonds them and empowers each individually, and gives a sense of hope throughout, both characters are gently drawn and have a clear chemistry neither (nor the reader) can deny!

Fun, sexy and sad, this novel is more than just a lesbian rom com!

3.5 star book review on Planet Nation