New Book Awards launching to 2018

Lesfic is a booming area; both self-publishing, and the launch of several lesfic-specific publishing houses has resulted in this market expanding over the past 5 years. Across the world thousands of lesfic books are released every year in both e-book and print book format.

A new awards, The Lesfic Bard Awards has been announced, which is set to provide an opportunity to showcase many of these authors, and to help readers find books that interest them.

Triple Blind Judging from the Lesfic Bard AwardsWhat makes these awards different is the triple-blind judging. This means that judges will not know the author or title of the book, and authors will not know who the judges are of the categories.

The Lesfic Bard Awards are also offering promotion to the winners, something other than 'naming' them and their winning book.  They are looking at advertising the winners in various magazines which will benefit the authors and their winning book.

The judging process will open January 1, 2018 and run through to December 31, 2018. The awards administrators will review, consult, and select the judges. Those selected will be notified via email.

There are seventeen categories spanning a vast array of lesbian literature, so there is something to pique many interests. Each category will be assigned up to five judges. 

Call for Judges

Right now The Lesfic Bard Awards are calling out for judges. Judges will have a year to read the books and to score them.

Consideration will be given to all interested parties in a fair, equitable, and professional manner, but experienced judges will have priority. 

Judges may apply for more than one category but must be able to maintain their responsibilities in a fair and prompt manner for each category they choose.

Judges must complete and sign the Application of Interest form and must be accepted by our awards administrators before they begin judging. Judges must submit their scoring for all books in their category no later than February 15, 2019.

For more information regarding the Lesfic Bard Awards, the nomination process, deadlines, and eligibility, please visit the Lesfic Bard Awards website.

The Lesfic Bard AwardAbout the Lesfic Bard Awards

We love reading good lesbian literature, and we wish to reward those deserving of recognition. We have heard authors complain of awards that are skewed in favor of big-name authors and publishing houses, so we decided to use our marketing skills to put forth an award of our own.

We wanted to remain anonymous, so we formed an LLC in our business state to keep everything legal and aboveboard; however, it was pointed out that this could come across as subterfuge, and we feel it is better to be transparent. We don’t want to tarnish the awards before they get off the ground. My name is K’Anne Meinel, I am a lesfic author, I own a publishing house, and I am the owner of the Lesfic Bard Awards.

I will never submit an entry of my own books to the awards for judging and, I will never act as a judge. I will simply handle the paperwork, ensure the books, authors, and judges remain anonymous, and act as coordinator. I started this company with friends who were going to run it for me while I did the marketing, which is my specialty. We take pride in our organization and contest, and we hope to become the premiere award that everyone covets.

Beginning in the 2018 season. we will be working with judges, authors, and marketing professionals to provide a superior experience for the awards that are presented in 2019 and the ensuing exposure of those authors talented enough to receive our award. We chose an award that exemplifies quality lesbian storytelling and services that will assist the authors to market their award-winning books.