How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+ Friendly Place

How to transform your school into an LGBT+ friendly place: A practical guide for nursery, primary and secondary teachers is a new book that has been released from Dr Elly Barnes, CEO and Founder of LGBT+ charity Educate & Celebrate and Dr Anna Carlile, Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths University in London.

LGBT+ inclusion is not part of standard teacher training or induction, which makes it difficult for schools to provide inclusive learning environments, and support for LGBT+ pupils. Drawing on a Ofsted and DFE recognised 'Best Practice Award Programme', this book provides everything you need to know to make your school an LGBT+ friendly place.

I spoke with Jo Thompson, PRIDE Youth Network Manager at the book launch and was saddened (although not surprised) to hear that quite often the team at Educate & Celebrate get contacted by parents who are surprised to find that when they take their child to a new school, expecting that the school will already have knowledge and information on diversity areas including LBGT+, these are more often than not missing. In fact most schools only implement this once a parent contacts them upon joining.

If you're an LGBT+ parent, or a parent of a child then why not send this to your local school? It is a great resource that can only help make schools more inclusive and supportive, and to encourage a more friendly environment where children can explore who they are without judgement, fear or bullying.

If you're not an LGBT+ parent, you should still send details of this book and educational charity to your local schools to help them to be prepared for future pupils who are LGBT+, questioning, or who have LGBT+ parents.

How to Transform your School into an LGBT+ Friendly Place book coverAbout the book

How to Transform Your School into an LGBT+ Friendly Place gives teachers, governors and other staff the knowledge, strategies and confidence they need to implement a curriculum that is inclusive for all. Covering the changes to law, including the Equality Act 2010 which requires actively promoting acceptance, what language to use, case studies and much more, it is a must have guide for all schools.

Follow this link for more information on this book, which is on sale for £14.99

About Educate and Celebrate

Educate and Celebrate logoEducate & Celebrate is an Ofsted and DFE recognised Best Practice Award Programme that gives staff, students, parents and governors the confidence and strategies to implement an LGBT+Inclusive curriculum to successfully eradicate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia from our nursery, primary and secondary schools, colleges, Universities, organisations and communities.

Focusing on 5 core areas, the best practice award programme invites teachers, students, parents and governors to participate in creating positive whole school change through training, policy, curriculum, community and environment. 

They have a number of initiatives including training programmes, education materials (books, activities, lesson plans) a pride youth network and awards.

About the Authors

Dr Elly Barnes with her new bookDr Elly Barnes MBE

Dr Elly Barnes MBE is CEO and Founder of Educate & Celebrate, a leading charity who work with schools to transform them into being LGBT+ inclusive. She was voted No: 1 in The Independent on Sundays Pink List 2011 for her commitment to LGBT in education and awarded a ‘highly commended’ by the TES ‘Teacher of the Year’ 2012.

As an experienced teacher, Elly began LGBT+Inclusive work with her year group in 2005, setting up her own school as a Diversity Training Centre for teachers in 2010, offering LGBT+ training and CPD to teachers nationally.

This whole school approach was recognised by Ofsted as ‘best practice’ for successfully tackling homophobic bullying in 2011 and described as innovative and visionary in 2016.

Elly developed her Educate & Celebrate Award – an accredited Best Practice Programme, by drawing on her experiences of implementing the most effective strategies in the classroom and now has 100’s of schools participating in the programme.

Anna Carlile

Anna CarlileAnna Carlile is a senior lecturer at Goldsmiths University in London. 

Before working at Goldsmiths, Anna was a youth worker, and then took her first degree in law. She later studied at Mills College in Oakland, California for a PGCE equivalent in Secondary English and Humanities, and then another in working with pupils with Mild to Moderate Disabilities at St Mary's College, Oakland. She is a qualified mediator and has initiated conflict resolution programmes in schools.

Anna has taught and written curriculum for children and young people with Asperger's and Tourette's Syndromes and those labelled as having 'behaviour disorders', students with mental health diagnoses, and young people who have been in the criminal justice system.  Anna also worked in a multi-agency team within an urban local authority to support young people who had been permanently excluded from school back into mainstream education.