Book Review: Sisters of Spirit Trilogy by Yvonne Heidt

This is a series and you’re lucky if you haven’t read it yet as it means you won’t have to wait on tenterhooks for the newer books to be released. They’re all here!

In Book one, we meet Jordan - a woman who identifies first as a cop because what she does is who she is. But who she is, is very damaged. Sunny is a psychic and part of a team who investigate paranormal experiences. How can the logical cop and the sunny psychic find any common ground? And how does the developing relationships with Sunny’s colleagues Shade and Tiffany, who each have a different “skill”, work for Jordan? This is an interesting, well written and fast paced series set in a credible world. Each of the three books focuses on one of the three “Sisters of Spirit” who are friends from childhood. The first book is Sunny’s story, the second is Tiffany’s and the third centres on Shade who is the darkest, hardest “sister”

I won’t be giving any of the stories away with spoilers but the characters are really well developed and in book two especially, Tiffany's fears and uncertainty are beautifully handled. I love the way they all interact and support each other and also with Aura - wish she was my mum! A real cliffhanger ending in book two leaves you ready for book three. Tiffany tries to help Katerina Volchosky, who is a journalist seeking clues to help find a serial killer. But in the paranormal world Ms Heidt creates, nothing is ever as simple as just following clues…

Where the first two books focussed on Sunny and Tiffany, Book three is Shade's turn in the spotlight. I find Shade the most interesting character - perhaps because she is the darkest. This book reveals the enigma and it is an emotional journey. Raven Sanchez joins Sisters of Spirit as the receptionist because Aura has retired. She has a connection to Shade and knows that they are destined to be together. But given this is an Yvonne Heidt book, it is never going to be girl meets girl, girls fall in love and they live happy ever after. This book has many twists and turns and painful emotional vignettes before Shade finds a way to accept who she really is and indeed who she can be.

Shade is obnoxious and difficult and uses women, alcohol and drugs to hide her pain. She needs people to see her as strong and protective but somehow Raven sees another side of Shade. Given how she has created her persona and worked on the dark black character, Shade is scared of how Raven reaches inside. But Shade will never admit that to anyone - even herself.  In this third book, Jordan and Kat step into Shade's problems and that makes sense given the close nature of the three main characters. The way Shade fights through her demons feels real and allows us to sympathise with this initially unsympathetic character.

The skill of the storytelling in these books is to make all the paranormal elements totally credible. You get lost in the narrative and the dead people and ghosts and witching spells all just fit in to this world populated by these people. That is the success of the books. At no time are you snapped out of the fantasy world, it all flows and seems "real". That's quite an achievement.

Although the SOS books are shown as a trilogy, I really hope this isn't the end of the Sisters of Spirit. There is so much yet to be developed with these excellent characters.


Book One: The Awakening

The Awakening by Yvonne Herdt (Sisters of Spirit Trilogy)

Sunny Skye, a psychic medium, is the head investigator and founder of Sisters of Spirits, a paranormal society dedicated to helping others understand what they can’t see. She is excellent at finding ghosts but finds it difficult to cope in the real world. When she meets Jordan, she is instantly attracted and completely unnerved by the personal demons she carries around with her.

Street tough Jordan Lawson molded herself into what she thinks an excellent cop should be. She trusts only two things: facts and herself. She believes only in the evil that mankind commits and she certainly doesn’t believe in ghosts, even when confronted by one.

When spiritualism and jaded skepticism collide, who backs down first?

Book Two: The Quickening

The Quickening by Yvonne Herdt (Sisters of Spirit Trilogy)Tiffany Curran has the ability to read places and people by touch, and although it’s a gift she uses to help people, it’s also a curse that prevents her from having much human contact. She tries to keep life simple, but that all changes when Katerina Volchosky calls in the Sisters of Spirits paranormal team for help.

Kat is tired of reporting about violence in the city and vows this story is her last. She is hoping that S.O.S. can connect with a serial killer’s victims to help provide clues. When she meets Tiffany, she dreams of a promise made centuries ago to a flame-haired priestess.

Ancient whispers of curses and witches haunt Tiffany’s nightmares, and the closer she and Kat get to the murderer, the louder the whispers get. Worse, Tiffany has a horrific suspicion she might know who the killer is.

Book Three: The Deadening

The Deadening by Yvonne Herdt (Sisters of Spirit Trilogy)Shade Stewart is a member of the Sisters of Spirits paranormal investigative group and a self-proclaimed necromancer. Renowned for leaving a trail of broken hearts, she walks between darkness and the light, searching to ease the emptiness in her spirit with women and whatever else might ease the pain. After an explosion leaves her in a coma, Shade is trapped in a place between this reality and her nightmares, fighting for her life and her soul. 

Raven Sanchez, a fiery generational witch, is the newest member of SOS. Instantly attracted to Shade and the power she possesses, Raven pursues her, ignoring the darkness that surrounds her. Blinded by her desire, she uses her magic in an attempt to win Shade’s heart, setting in motion forces beyond her control.

About the Author

Yvonne HeidtYvonne Heidt is a multiple award-winning author of paranormal and modern romance. She would love to tell you she lives in a haunted Victorian house overlooking the ocean where she spends the afternoons writing in the turret, and the evenings sipping wine with her wife while they watch gorgeous sunsets.

She really would. 

But - she currently lives in Texas with her beloved wife, four dogs, and a myriad of visiting ghosts.

Her debut novel, Sometime Yesterday, won the 2013 Golden Crown Literary Award for Best Paranormal Romance in addition to being a finalist in the 2013 Lambda Literary Awards. The Awakening: Book One in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy, won the 2014 Golden Crown Literary award for Best Paranormal. The Quickening: Book Two was a GCLS finalist in 2015, and The Deadening: Book Three won the 2016 GCLS award for best Paranormal.