Book review: Provincetown Series by Radclyffe

Every year about this time, I like to re-read a series. Could be any series I own by any author, but it tends to be an old favourite. I think of it a bit like the snuggly fleece and warm socks with the cocoa idea. I feel comforted in that there’s nothing unexpected, but I still get sustenance and warmth. It might be Syd Parker or Patty G Henderson, or Carsen Taite (I do love Skye!) or last year it was Jean Redmann (I do looove Micky Knight). This year I turned to Radclyffe. That only helps with choosing the author. Now I have to choose a series! Provincetown? Honor? Justice? Midnight Hunters? This year I went for the Provincetown series as it had been a good few years since I had read any of them.

There are no spoilers here and if you are interested I suggest you start with book one and work your way through the sequence as the characters pop up regularly and the main ones grow through the stories. I know a few people criticise Radclyffe and they may have a point. There are head hops a plenty here and sometimes in the same paragraph. There may be technically better writers (Sandra Moran?). There may be more complex plots (Jeanette Winterston?). But few are her equal at pure story telling. You get swept up in the emotion (and the sex) and you care about the characters. Even on a re-read, I was emotionally involved in some of the more moving episodes in the series.

Of the seven books, I don’t think you can really pick a favourite as they all feed into the overall unfolding of the story and the characters. Bri grows from a teenager with an attitude to a caring, committed adult. Some characters come into the town and some leave, but Tory and Reese are the constant through the whole seven. The books are the Radclyffe mix of crime/romance and it works really well in this context. The crimes are part of the ongoing story but the relationships are centre stage. While we have murder, gangs and drugs, we also have love and friendship and drama and forgiveness.  I had forgotten how good these books were.

Individually there may be some weaknesses and some stutters but overall the series is a five for me and I will read it again in a few years. It takes my mind off how long it takes for turkey to defrost or how many Brussels feeds six…

5 star book review of Provincetown series by Radclyffe on Planet NationThe full series of books

  • Safe Harbour (Book 1)
  • Beyond the Breakwater (Book 2)
  • Distant Shores, Silent Thunder (Book 3)
  • Storms of Change (Book 4)
  • Winds of Fortune (Book 5)
  • Returning Tides (Book 6)
  • Sheltering Dunes (Book 7)

Provincetown series - Radclyffe

Lesfic author RadclyffeAbout the Author

Radclyffe is a best-selling romance author and LGBTQ publisher. She has written over fifty novels, dozens of short stories, and edited numerous anthologies.

The 2014 Dr. James Duggins Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist Award recipient, she is the president of Bold Strokes Books, founded in 2004, an independent LGBTQI publishing company.