Book Review of The Playmaker by Lane Swift

I admit I was reluctant to read the book because I know nothing of rugby. I learned real quick rugby is the common denominator that brought the main characters together, not the main subject line of the story.

The Playmaker by Lane Swift book coverThe main character Meg has been living contently with her boyfriend, Fraser for the past 3 years. She is finishing up her teaching degree and plays rugby to blow off some steam.

Meg has known for a while life with Fraser was comfortable and safe, and she was okay with that, until one night in a bathroom stall with teammate Jaqueline, totally has Meg questioning everything she once believed in.

If you are looking for a light read, fast paced, with well developed characters and just enough "steam" to keep the story entertaining without distracting you from the story line, this book is it. 


4 star book review of The Playmaker by Lane Swift


Ask Meg, and she'll say she's content. A promising career, a steady boyfriend—her future is secure. Just like her position on the Brentley Women's Rugby Team.

Her fascination with Jacqueline, the team's wild and beautiful flanker—that's nothing more than infatuation. When Jacqueline unexpectedly corners her and kisses her breathless, Meg is blindsided.

Forced to admit her secure future isn't nearly as appealing as it had seemed, Meg realises she has two options: keep playing it safe or change the game.