Book Review of Ishinnie by SJ Campbell

The book I always wanted to read and finally someone wrote it.

Ishinnie is set in a world opposite to ours where being gay is the norm and being straight puts you in the minority. The premise is a book of two love stories and has two narrators: Annie and her son Jim. Annie falls in love with Christina, they marry and have a son, Jim but all is not perfect in their seemingly perfect world. Jim falls in love with a girl at school and for years he hides his true feelings for fear or being bullied. Ishinnie means perfect love and this story follows both Jim and Annie as they work to finding their perfect love.

Ishinnie by SJ Campbell

This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It truly is a love story, a love story in more ways than one. The character development is spot and, and very well written. We get to follow both characters from quite a young age, either from the here and now or flashbacks from both narrators and so by the end of the book I felt like I knew them both very well.

At times, I didn’t really like one of the characters very much but that just adds testament to Scott’s writing, I love when a character is that well written that I can dislike them as well as like them.

A true love story with many twists and turns that kept me gripped throughout the whole book.


5 star book review of Ishinnie by SJ Campbell on Planet Nation

ISHINNIE. Perfect love in a world where same-sex relationships are expected and heterosexuals find themselves as a hated minority. This is a book of two love stories.

Annie tells how she falls in love with the beautiful and career-driven, Christina, never feeling good enough with her small dreams of a happy family. Annie is haunted by the death of her alcoholic father, destroyed when his husband leaves him for a woman, but Annie believes in ISHINNIE and that her perfect love with Christina will get her through.

Their son, Jim, narrates his story as he falls in love with a girl at school, learning to hide his love for fear of ridicule and bullying. As Jim matures and his passions grow stronger, he has to learn what ISHINNIE is and take a stand.

Annie and Jim, mother and son, on a collision course because of love held together through the years by Christina.

Will they learn that the hardest part of love is forgiveness?