Book Review of Between the Lines by KD Williamson

This is the third book in K D Williamson's "Cops and Docs" series and having enjoyed the other two, I picked this one up with high hopes. I was not disappointed.

The 'doc' is Tonya - a psychiatrist who is there for her patients but lives her own life carefully buttoned up to avoid conflict with her difficult father and somewhat estranged sister. Her friends try reaching out but Tonya always rebuffs them - politely. Then she meets the 'cop' in the story.

Between the Lines by KD Williamson book coverThe initial meeting between Tonya and rookie officer Haley is one of the most unexpected and brilliantly drawn in lesfic - I will say no more about it. No spoilers here.

Haley is an excellent character - credible, gentle, caring and yet not perfect - as indeed few of us are.

Tonya is not interested but Haley keeps trying to date the attractive doctor even when she herself isn't sure why she doesn't just give up.... This is more than it appears on the cover.

There are many threads going through the story and the various elements merge in and out and keep you involved. The author has created two satisfying lead characters but there is more beyond them. The ancillary cast is also important to the story and well crafted. I particularly liked Stephanie and Nate but even Haley's difficult cop partner has quality.

Recommended if you want to spend a few hours in the company of good people who sometimes infuriate you but always keep your interest.

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Psychiatrist Dr. Tonya Preston lives a life of cool detachment, often sacrificing her personal needs to appease her opinionated father. She often finds it easier to deal with patients than confront her family or her own issues. When her path dramatically crosses that of irrepressible rookie police officer Haley Jordan, she’s thrown out of her comfort zone. Things have come easy for Haley, who has a drama-free life filled with love and friends that Tonya finds as alluring as the irreverent woman behind the badge. An attraction simmers between them, drawing them to each other. But will it be enough when work, family and a confronting police case starts to tear at their fledgling relationship?