Where have all the lesbians gone?

So, on Friday night I (Naomi) went along to Hey Soiree! after work for a Glass Bar reunion. It was an intimate group in a side room upstairs at The Green Carnation in Soho. I had planned to go between 6.30pm and 7.30pm before heading off to Southbank Surfing, but come 7.30pm I was so busy in conversation with some lovely ladies that I quickly got behind schedule!

I then quickly popped by First Out, as I'd been informed we'd run out of flyers... so running way behind schedule, I got the bus to the Southbank to Benugo for the infamous Southbank Surfing, which I am ashamed to say, I have never quite managed to get to so far (in two and a half years).

Southbank Surfing has grown from strength to strength and oh my god, lesbians of every shape, size, age and style were spilling out of every entrance of the bar. It was so busy it was overspilling into the front bar, around to the Theatre entrances, and all around the ticket hall area. The venue have also installed a pop up bar, but there were so many women, it was difficult to get near it! I had seen from Facebook that at least 5 of my friends were going to be there, but would I actually find them in this ocean of women? I circulated the bar, and found friends a plenty, some I knew were there, others I wasn't expecting to see.

Overall, the best impression I got was the difference from most of your standard nights out in lesbian London. There was no music, just lots of women talking to each other. In addition to this, what I noticed, and loved the most, was the etiquette of introducing your friends to new people, so if you bumped into a friend, you don't just say hi and then turn back to your other friends, you actually introduce each other and make new friends. This is socialising on the scene at its best, and yet the actual event format is so simple and it works.