Time to get Your Jog On

Personal trainer, and stand up comedian Lauren Karl is back with another health blog around fitness.

This time she is talking running!

If you missed Lauren's last blog, she was talking about staying healthy after dry January - take a look here.


Running from your exFirst let’s talk about the benefits of running and believe me it is not just good for running away from your ex but more than that running mixed with a good diet helps you stay healthy, fit, and at less risk for diseases.

As we know running is a cardio exercise therefore it helps keep the heart beating strong by strengthening the heart muscle so blood and oxygen can flow smoothly to your body. It helps prevent heart attacks and blood clot and keeps cholesterol in check, when you run good cholesterol (HDL) increases and bad cholesterol levels decreases.

Strong bones and strong handsIt also strengthens the immune system. Running also makes you sleep better and creates healthy bone cells which keeps your bones strong. Lastly lungs are being worked out and strengthened thus improving breathing and reducing the risk of lung problems.

Now let’s get into proper running form since it is important when you are chasing after the ladies ;)

Posture is so important!

Things not to do are slump or hunch over like the hunch back of Notre Dame. Good posture is having a reasonably straight spine and making sure to keep those shoulders down and relaxed. If any of you out there are shoulder shruggers I would recommend raising your shoulders real high up to your ears as high as you can go and then releasing them. This will help relax them. If after a run you find that your shoulders are really sore I would recommend doing this about every mile.

If you are having lower back pain while or after you run it probably means that you have a weak core.  Therefore doing some core exercises would be great.

yoga matFlexibility

Having good flexibility isn’t just good for kinky positions in the bedroom but it is key for running and ways to do this are by warming up before the run and doing static stretches for a cool down after a run or by adding a weekly yoga session into your running plan.


Next thing and that causes major problems is over striding and this causes lots of knee and hamstring problems. So really make sure to keep your feet under you instead of in front of you causing you to take long strides. Also make sure you bend your knees when you run as to not create stiffness and poor circulation.

Also when is comes to heel strike you should have a light heel strike and mainly land on the front of the foot.

Another thing to be aware of is cadence which is the number of strides you take per minute… most people have a low cadence but basically when you run you want to spend the least amount of time on the ground so try to take little strides instead of big ones because the bigger they are the more time your foot is on the ground and after a while that adds up and can cause injury.

Women running

Also make sure upper and lower body are in unison they should be doing 50/50 percent of the work.

While running make sure that the knees and elbows are bent because having straight arms and legs increases the risk of injury and doesn’t allow the arms and legs to swing easily.

When running always listen to your body and see if there are any adjustments you have to make.

Checking out the views

Most importantly relax and have fun…. Enjoy the nature and the surroundings around you and enjoy watching the sexy ladies run by and honestly enjoy that runner’s high because there is nothing like it.

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