Staying healthy after Dry January

So let’s face it the holidays are over and for those doing dry January it is coming to an end, now it is time to get honest with ourselves and start setting good realistic health goals so you can look good and feel good when you meet the girlfriend of your dreams in 2016 (those with partners remember you need to keep fit to for the bedroom!).

I personally find that it is good to set a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and a year goal. Making sure they are specific, measurable, realistic, accountable and have a time frames. Also always make sure you have a plan to back it up and attain it. We all know nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it but with that being said let’s set achievable goals. Achievable is the key!

An example would be, someone who wants to give up sugar since they are eating a chocolate bar or left over Christmas fruitcake everyday. Maybe the month goal could be eating a chocolate bar or piece of cake 3 days a week. The 3 month goal could be just eating a piece of cake or chocolate bar as a reward one day on the weekend or one day during the week. The 6 month goal switching chocolate or that piece of cake for fruit, year goal could be becoming more conscious of foods that contain sugar and getting those foods out of your diet.

Here is a little sugar fact: Women should not have over 30 grams of sugar a day. If you see products with over 15grams of sugar per 100 grams that product has way too much sugar in it. This is something to become aware of since a lot of foods have too much sugar in them and also use tricky wording on labels to hide that. For instance, saying something on the front of the box like 1 breakfast bar has 7 grams of sugar per bar… but when you turn that box over that one bar might only be 25 grams not 100grams. So multiple 7 by 4 and you can see that has way too much sugar. So be sure to read the labels.

Anyway enough about sugar though it is a pretty sweet topic (pun intended) but jokes aside those interested in more sugary facts stay tuned for future blogs where this will be covered.

Obviously, the above is just an example but you can see how it is measureable and nothing to drastic but is something that can be achieved. I find with goals setting some people want the world but it isn’t realistic which makes them fall off the wagon leaving them feeling upset and defeated. Making gradual goals that can be stuck to will allow you to achieve them and stick with the healthy choice because remember fitness is not just a fad but a lifestyle choice. Just know once one goal is fully achieved you can always make more… that is the beauty of it!

Wahooooooooo!!!!! So now take out a journal, poster board, or write your goal on your girlfriend’s boobs…. I don’t care just write it down in a place where you can see it and be inspired to take action! Remember stay focused and watch your health dreams come true!

Lauren KarlLauren Karl is a US vaginatarian (that is a lesbian vegetarian!) who lives in London.

She is a personal trainer and nutritionist by day and is available for one to one sessions to help you reach your goals. If you are interested in a personal training session with Lauren, you can email her directly.

In addition, by night Lauren can be found as her sexy alter ego Loretta Von Dini – a burlesque magician who loves to play with fire and get her kit off! 

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