New Year, New You

New year, new you. Such an overused phrase, and yet it works.

I’m all about making New Year’s resolutions – although you won’t find them pinned to my corkboard. During the period between Christmas and New Year I start to feel that rush of excitement, not for getting bladdered on NYE but for the chance to start again. The opportunity to let go of everything that happened this year and start working towards a new plan.

As the first of the month arrives, so does ‘Dry January’, hibernation, radical diets and vows to delete Facebook forever. Such extreme and short-lived goals, why not work towards something more permanent? After all that would be a new you, and not a temporary you, wouldn’t it?

Setting yourself more achievable goals would effectively lead to better results and less frustration when you slip up. How about reducing your weekly alcohol intake or deleting the Facebook app from your phone? You still have the option of having them both in your life but in a more controlled manner. Perhaps you’re thinking of not going out altogether? Why not cut down to once a week or even once a month? Being around others is a very important basic need, cutting yourself off is a slippery slope.

I come across a lot of people, myself included, that battle with the different versions of themselves. I can recall conversations with members of our community who are so torn between ‘partying’ and not. People that live for a night out in Vauxhall, but would just as equally get up at 7am at the weekend to attend a yoga class, perhaps not on the same weekend. But who says we have to choose? Ultimately, if living in the moment and doing what you enjoy makes you happy, who decides what is right and what is wrong?

To echo the words of the wise, life is all about balance. If you have a bad day and eat lots of chocolate, most importantly forgive yourself, don’t punish yourself, just ensure that the next day is full of goodness. I firmly believe in the healing powers of green juice, it is our savior (well mine anyway).

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