Let's talk about...: LGBT+ talk sex with Diva and Pace

As part of Pace's 30th birthday celebrations, they held an event supported by the BIG lottery and Diva on 20th November to create a space for LGBT+ women to get serious talking about sex.

With a diverse panel* chaired by Jane Czyzselska representing some of the often most invisible members of our community, we heard personal stories and experiences to celebrate the notion of sex in our lives and to challenge the discrimation we often face when accessing services. 

The attendees discussed the importance of having such safe spaces to give ourselves a voice that will be unjudged, heard and respected within its own context. 

This feels like the start of a really important conversation, and the opening of an unapologietc public sphere dialogue where LGBTQ+ women can express themselves about their experiences and opnions on sex, relationships, bodies and more.

*Janet Jones, Louise Carolin, Debbie Louise Cannon, Freiya Benson and Sona Barbosa

Follow the hashtag #LGBTWomenTalkSex to follow the conversation on social media.