Do you know your vagina?

If you didn’t read my article last week, then pop back first then come back to this article. This is a series of articles and you must start from the beginning!

Here is where you will learn a few things and where we will get the ball rolling with getting used to your own vagina.

The first thing you need to know is that every vagina is different and is truly like a snowflake. Not one is the same! With this being a fact, you are not allowed to think that you have an ugly vagina. It is impossible! You need to head over to to see casts of 400 womens different vaginas so you can see for yourself. Have a look through them and see if you can find one similar to will be difficult! Also, can you see the range and the differences? Exactly!

Actually, what I should have told you first is that we should technically call it the vulva. The vagina is the canal only, this is what is inside us. It is the lips, the vaginal entrance and the clit that make the vulva. I shall call it the vulva for the rest of my post.

Now that you know that your vulva is as beautiful as anybody elses, you need to go all 70’s feminist circle on yourself (alone) and get a mirror and look at your own vagina. The first rule of masturbation is you must love your lady garden! If you don’t like the look of it to begin with, look at it for longer. Isolate the different parts and look at them seperately. Also, recognise all the different parts correctly. Here is a diagram of what every woman should have.

That's the Spot talking about VaginasThere are two different types of labia (or lips) in your vulva – the inner labia and the outer labia. They used to be called labia majora and labia minora but as some women’s inner labia are bigger than their outer lips, it only makes sense that they are called inner and outer. The outer labia are (you guessed it) on the outside and these are where the pubes grow, and they feel like the skin on the rest of your body. The inner labia are the fleshy bits inside surrounding your clitoris and your vaginal entrance. Our inner lips vary a lot in size from woman to woman. This may be something a lot of us are familiar with as lady loving ladies – we have seen a few on our travels! You can’t forget your urethral opening either – where the wee comes out of. This is a much smaller hole above the vaginal entrance, because, of course, the week doesn’t come out of the vagina!

When you are used to how your vulva looks, you will start to warm towards it – at least start tolerating it. Then the more time you spend with it, the more you will learn to love it! It may be a slow process for you but it is worth the time investment. You only need to do it for 5 minutes every day and before you know it, you will be best buds! Remember – to move onto getting great orgasms, you need to do what I say (god, I’m bossy!), so don’t move on until you are comfortable with your vulva.

When you are comfortable with your vulva, you can then start playing with it – and this is what I will talk more about next week, with my third installment. For now, get a mirror and get aquainting yourself with the most important part of your body (well, as important as the rest of your organs anyway!) because... did you know this... The clitoris is the only part of the human body that was designed for pure pleasure, and nothing else. We are lucky and we need to take advantage of it! An additional fun fact of the day – there are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris and 15,000 nerve endings in the whole vulva and vaginal area. THIS IS AMAZING! To give you context, the penis has 4,000 nerve endings, and even the penis has 3 functions to it whilst the clitoris only has the one. Now THIS is why you need to be best buds with your vulva! 


These are articles may not be for everyone. There are many women out there who are confident about their body and sex. We salute you! We ask that you please not forget that not all women are as lucky as you are. Please allow this to remain a safe space and for women to feel able to click on the link and learn; to ask questions and to interact.

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