Profile: SyrennA

Recently formed SyrennA are are currently recording our EP for release in the Summer. Find out more about the duo below!

1. What is your artist name?


2. How would you describe what you do?

Chloe: We create and perform acoustic pop/rock/psychedelic music with an etherial classical twist, SyrennA is connected to the world of the Mermaid and her Sailor. 

I have always been fascinated with Mermaids from childhood, (my mum found about 50 sketches I did as a child) and Anna has always been obsessed with Sailors.

'Our music (explained in a sea shell) is sometimes serene and tranquil like the calm of the sea, but ready to surprise and corrupt with the crashing of the waves at any given moment.The pain shines through the lyrics like the beams of light trying desperately to shine through a small opening in an underwater cave and the melody conveys a disheartened soul, who however is always hopeful, like the mermaid who adores her sea world but longs to experience life on the shore! - SyrennA

SyrennA3. How long have you being performing/working?

Anna: I have been performing for 2- 3 years in various bands but been playing for myself for 10 years or so, But then I'm a lot younger than Chloe...

Chloe: Thank you Anna, I have been in the music/theatre industry on various paths for 15 years, but as a duo, SyrennA formed in the summer of 2015.

4. What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Chloe: Performing on the main stage at World Pride, then Pride 2 years running when I was a vocalist for rapper/songwriter E.N.V no buzz like it, the crowds were immense. Also understudying Cilla from Corrie in 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood' at The Arts Theatre was unforgettable, so humbling and enlightening.

Anna: When I was a roadie for guitarist Paul Wassif!

Anna & Chloe: playing our originals to people and receiving just one compliment where people could relate to the lyrics/music of a song and were moved by it.

5. Have you worked/performed for/with anyone famous?

Not yet!( Apart from Wendy and Paul)

6. If you could perform/work with anyone, who would it be?

Anna: Keaton Henson and the late David Bowie.

Chloe: Davd Bowie certainly and Elton John, his melodies, ahhh, Lion king, not the Lion King obviously, he is not real, just got lost in the moment.

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Chloe: Getting to play with awesome children's games/puzzles and dance around to the Frozen soundtrack at work. ( I'm also a nanny)

Anna: Watching kids cartoons

8. Tell us one secret about yourself.

Chloe: I'm obsessed with cuddly toys and every time i'm sad I buy one, along with 90 dresses. I have a giant pink unicorn from the bear factory that smells of candy floss and has a beating heart...

Anna: I watch cartoons all the time, my faves are 'The Marvellous misadventures of flapjack' and Mickey Mouse's ' House of Mouse'

9. How and why did you get into this profession?

Anna: It just happened and our families nurtured and supported our talent luckily.

Chloe: My step dad noticed I had vibrato aged 8 and being a Jazz musician, he mentioned it to my mum and said if she wants to maybe she should have lessons when she is a little older.

10. When you're not working what do you like to do to chill out?

Netflix and chill.

Buy dresses

Write music

Buy cuddly toys

Create fabulous outfits.

Re-invent our images

Get inked

Spend time with our cats/friends/family - cats first ( That's a joke)

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