Profile: N'Chyx

N’Chyx (pronounced En-Chikes) is a recording artist, performer, model, urban fashion designer, songwriter and lyricist from Wolverhampton City in the UK. N’Chyx has a style, a passion and a vibe that is totally unique. N’Chyx is original and refreshingly diverse, and has already being tipped as one of the urban acts in the UK who has the crossover potential to do massive things.


1. What is your artist name?


2. How would you describe what you do?

I'm a lyricist/songwriter my style is very versitile, i like to experiment with music and my sound.

3. How long have you being performing/working?

I've been performing since i was a teenager but started writing a lot younger.

4. What has been the highlight of your career to date?

I think one of the highlights my track "garms fresh" because of the opportunities I received and shows I got to perform at.

5. Have you worked/performed for/with anyone famous?

I've worked with quite a few people and been in discussions about collaborations. I was with a management team who also set up various studio sessions with artists that people would know of.

6. If you could perform/work with anyone, who would it be?

There's so many right now but I've always been a big fan of Pharrel and Calvin Harris' production.

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Women lol

8. Tell us one secret about yourself.

It wouldnt be a secret if I told you

9. How and why did you get into this profession?

I grew up with music always around me, I was 8 when I wrote my first song and just naturally had a strong connection to music. I began performing and luckily my music has been well received so I'm able to keep doing what I love.

10. When you're not working what do you like to do to chill out?

When im not working I like to relax somewhere I cannot be found lol

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