Krista Papista

Krista-Papista is a performer, producer and director based in London. 

Born in 1989 the Cypriot/Australian Krista Manison grew up in Nicosia, Cyprus and has been writing, producing and performing since the age of 14. After studying Performance Art in London, Krista is now pursuing her career through collaborative projects and performances. Each of her projects comprise recurring themes of mixed observations, that revolve around mounting feelings of paranoia, stupidity, pleasures still untasted, idiosyncratic reactions and invisible designs. Papista celebrates the presence of contrast in all of it's forms and expressions. 

Papista has performed at various music venues including Behind Bars (London), LGBTQ Grassroot Activism, LGBT Incite Poetry and Summer Love Fest 2011 opening for John Digweed at Lemon Park, Nicosia and generally enjoys the challenge of contrasting crowds. In this sense she usually tends to use her presence (body/voice), as an illuminating object in her projects and performances. 

Recent shows were at The Monto Water Rats London on 29th May 2012 and Fin Fest on 2nd June 2012.