Kittenehead is Los Angeles-based rock band united in their desire to create high-energy rock and roll. They comprise: Kivi, DD, Owen and VJJ.

What is your artist name?

Kivi: Kivi

DD: DD kittenhead

O-Face: O-Face

VJJ: VJJ, Which coincidentally are my initials

Kivi KittenheadHow would you describe what you do?

Kivi: Lead singer, lyricist, composer, troublemaker and donut pusher...

DD: Anything and everything. hell everyone.

O-Face: I pound things hard to make loud noises.

VJJ: Sheer enjoyment. 

How long have you being performing/working?

Kivi: Never ask a lady her age, oh wait you’re asking me… Legend has it that I sang before I spoke….

DD: As long as i can remember. Do I know you?

O-Face: Not long since taking 25 years off. 

VJJ: I’ve been performing all my life in various ways. My older brother was a choreographer so he would make us learn Kittenheaddances to perform in front of people to get a sense of how they would look on a more wide scale. As I got older I learned to play the flute and performed in school concerts and the marching band. I finally picked up the guitar my junior year in high school and eventually the piano. I had been playing alone and with various churches through college and putting a lot of my stuff on youtube until Kittenhead emailed me one day out of the blue asking for an audition. I joined the band three days after the audition and have been performing and touring ever since then.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Kivi: Finding the awesome bandmates I have right now, I mean it sounds trite, but the fact is I have an amazing group of musicians around me who also are great people. That is rare and I feel so lucky! Also we are signed to Red Queen Publishing a division of Harry Warren entertainment.

DD: Playing sold out at the filmore in SF.

O-Face: Being on the road...

VJJ: Definitely hearing the music we have created play on the radio! Also touring has been a great experience!

Have you worked/performed for/with anyone famous?

Kivi: We recorded this CD with Paul Roessler, who is punk rock famous. He was in the screamers and worked extensively with Nina Hagen. He is one of those mad geneses that wander the planet making it a tolerable place for the rest of us. 

Kittenhead DDDD: I auditioned for Beyonce's band, and did guitar soundbites for Hans Zimmer's movie scores.

O-Face: Yes.

VJJ: I have performed with Paul Roesller who actually produced our album and this pretty famous Christian rock band called Worth Dying For. Then again I am new to the rock world this being my first two years in!

If you could perform/work with anyone, who would it be?

Kivi: I love people who are present and honest so I would have to say my top three would be Annie Lennox, Joan Jett and Janis Joplin. I feel that all of them stuck to who they were and didn’t bow to the pressures to be something they weren’t…

DD: Prince. he is a genius.

O-Face: I'm easy...

VJJ: Hayley Williams or Amy Lee! And if I could bring back the dead, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes from TLC!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Kivi: If I don’t believe in guilt is it guilty?? So what do I think people would judge me over…. Most likely some of my nerdy reading material… vampires and werewolves, oh my… Patricia Briggs series and Kelly Armstrong  (you can blame VJJ for the Kelly Armstrong..) 

DD: Eating a bag of veggie chips per day.

Kittenhead O FaceO-Face: Jäger.

VJJ: Funny, and I am not ashamed, but my guilty pleasure is watching Spongebob Squarepants and The Power Rangers with my younger brother. The latter show I haven’t seen in a while, but if it is on when I come home I’ll sit and watch with him.

Tell us one secret about yourself.

Kivi:  If I tell you it isn’t a secret…. And yes I am too logical for my own good, so the secret might be that I am part Vulcan or some other non-human…

DD: I'm actually a gay man trapped in a lesbian's body. No, really.

O-Face: I snore while sleeping. 

VJJ: My right foot is bigger than my left.

How and why did you get into this profession?

Kivi: Music is my passion. I wake up with music on my mind and hearing tunes that either are new or that I heard in glimpses the day before. I earned my law degree because I am very passionate about social change and equality for people. I learned very quickly that law isn’t about justice in the US. So I turned to music because it is a vehicle to communicate my thoughts and theories.  Music can communicate so many different things and demonstrate the complexity of human experience. 

DD: Because Darth Vader already has a job.

O-Face: To please myself and others.

VJJ: Well, I am the only musically talented person in my immediate family, so it took a lot of hard work and determination. I had to teach myself everything I learned because growing up we didn’t have money for non-sport related extra-curriculars. I actually stole my first guitar from one of my family member’s friend’s house and I still have every intention on replacing it… Anyway, I couldn’t stifle this passion I had for music so I decided to just go with it and see where it would take me despite the odds against me.

When you're not working what do you like to do to chill out?

Kivi: When I really chill out --- either I watch sports on TV (football, rugby and baseball) or read with my cats and a pint…

DD: Sleep.

O-Face: Sleep.

VJJ: Watch tv dramas like Scandal and Empire and Game of Thrones.

Where can we find out more information?

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