Following an intimate night at Horse's WinterSong show at Ovalhouse Theatre with some soul-bearing tracks played with just piano, guitar and vocals, on Friday 5th December, we thought it timely to find out more about the 2014 Ultimate Planet Awards musician of the year.

1. What is your artist name?

2. How would you describe what you do?
I write and sing my own songs

3. How long have you been performing/working?
Over 30 years

4. What has been the highlight of your career to date?
No one highlight - been lucky enough to have seen and done lots of amazing things and had great opportunities. A few memorable things - signing my first publishing deal with EMI, first record deal with Capitol, hearing the first single You could be forgiven on Radio 1, touring in Europre and the USA. Putting the first album out on RANDAN - my very own label.

5. Have you worked or performed with anyone famous?
Various artists including Tina Turner, BB King, Bryan Perry, Burt Bacarach, Indigo Girls

6. If you could perform/work with anyone who would it be?
Craig Armstrong, Max Richter or Cyndi Lauper

7. What is your guilty pleasure?
I love a curry

8. Tell us one secret about yourself?
Sadly, I'm not much of a dancer

9. How and why did you get into this profession?
I began writing when I was 10sih, when I got to 13ish it was my way of expressing myself. Further on into my teens it was a major route of escape and solace from being harrassed or bullied. I've managed to grow into a place whereby I get as much from performing as my audience do. I absolutely love what I do. I feel very lucky and look upon it as a gift that I like to share.

10. When you're not working, what do you like to do to relax?
Spending time with my wife, family and friends. Walking, reading, writing, working on my family tree.

11. Favourite achievements
I have  toured many times over in my own right but also in the pleasure of opening for other wonderful artists (as above). I've payed at the Royal Albert Hall several times, Wembley and the Tower of London, at the Siegessaule in Berlin, Troubadour in LA, CBGBe and the Pez in New York.

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