Aneesa Chaudhry - singer, musician, diva & all that jazz...

The Asian Provocateur is ready to sizzle your summer. 

Aneesa is a hard working multi talented musician and vocalist, set to diva her way into the hearts of London and Brighton's lesbian and music communities. (Diva magazine says she has "edge elegance".)

She's performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, York Lesbian Arts Festival, Pride events all over the country, the Sappho Garden of Arts Festival in Lesvos, and at many local venues in London and Brighton.

With a 3 piece all female trio, 2 jazz bands, swing, soul, eastern fusion, as well as sensual solo performances, it's no surprise that Aneesa is in high demand and has a growing fan base and something for everyone.

Her main aim on stage is to make sure everyone has a fun time, she's keen to make sure you enjoy yourself in her presence, and she's got the voice and stage presence to draw you right in.  

And she even has time to lead Brighton's Rainbow Chorus too.

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