Maxine LLS

Maxine spent a lot of time organising social events to bring together women. She raised money for charity, including for refugees around the time when there was a huge exodus to Greece. She volunteered and supported LGBT charities such as London Friend.

Sadly Maxine passed away in 2017.

Name: Maxine

Where you are originally from: I grew up in Northamptonshire with my Jamaican parents, 2 brothers, three sisters and Ginger the cat.

How long you have lived in London: I moved 25 years ago on a mission to find another black lesbian. I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole community but saddened by the realisation I didn't invent it!

What you do in the community: I run a successful meetup group: London Lesbian Singles 30+. We have well attended singles Cocktails and Mocktails nights for all LBQ women and other nights around Soho.

I've also started running nights to appeal to LBQ women of colour who find it difficult to find nightsto suit their music and food tastes.

Your favourite colour: Orange. Particularly burnt orange. I have it as an accent colour in my home and often buy Suzie Pinder artwork that includes it. It puts me in a good mood.

Your favourite day of the week: Friday! Friday! Friday! Yay, it's the weekend.

What you do to relax: Join me for a cocktail in Soho and find out.

Your best achievement: Winning the Planet London Social/Meetup Group Organiser of Year Award now beats my coin toss at the 2001 Wimbledon Ladies Singles Final!