Elaine McKenzie

How long have you been running LGBT events?

I have been running LGBT events for nearly two years.

What was your first event?

POUT London's finest party night for women.

How do you see that the lesbian scene in London has changed?

The lesbian scene has become diluted, fractured and less political as a result of the hetrosexulisation and the comsumerization of our culture. We have swapped politics for Prada and are no longer willing to stand up and be counted. We allow non governmental groups to be our political spokes person. The problem with that is that these representatives are not in touch with the LGBT community. They are too busy creating a career out gathering useless statistics to justify government policies. We now have many laws permitting us to enjoy our right to equality and respect and this is fantastic. But this should not mean that we exchange our gay culture, identity and values for a space in a homogeneous mass of conformity dressed up as acceptance. I love being gay, I love going into a lesbian bar and seeing wall to wall with gay women. If I was single or just wanted to make gay friends I would now have to find then on the internet first and hope that someone organises a meet up so my social life can move from virtual to real. It is so amazing to know that the dyke scene is shrinking but heterosexual women crave a women focused space. It is so sad that sisterly love is not what binds us instead it is homophobia and male sexual violence that is most likely to unite us. This common enemy makes us friends. Remove or lessen the threat and we no longer need, value, share, respect, enjoy or celebrate each other.

How have you adapted to these changes?

To become the person who helps turn the virtual social internet world into a real meet up events. 

Hosting events for people who want to meet like minded women. Providing a wide range of activities so women do not get board of the same type of events, venues and faces. 

You used to run The Glass Bar, Southopia and Chocolate Lounge. Why have you decided not to open a new venue, and moved to running events out of various venues?

It is not the economic time to open a new venue. Opening a new venue will take a lot of investment particularly with the idea I have in mind so for now it makes sense to keep the profile of the Glass Bar visible by running the events from other venues until such time when one can change direction.

What regular events do you currently run?

I run POUT. POUT is London's finest girl party. A funky club night for women who love music, love dancing and love letting go. Playing funkadelic disco beats and cool sultry motown soul throughout the decades. Sounds of Chic La Freak, Thriller, Abba, SOS Band, Saturday Night Fever, Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, You make me feel mighty real, Lady GaGa, Shalamar, PussyCat Dolls, Sugababes, Scissor Sisters, I'm every woman, Flash Dance, Noisettes, Beyonce, Robin S, Rihanna, Girls Aloud, Alison Limerick, Chaka Khan, Amy Winehouse, James Brown, Jackson 5, Britney Spears, Earth Wind and Fire, Shakira - Loba and loads more. POUT Party is Londons new cool laid back club night for sophisticated party lovers. Funky beats and cool cocktails in beautiful contemporary surroundings. Top DJs taking you on a journey through dance music bliss. You will dance, dance and dance some more. Enjoy x

Every third Saturday of the month. Men welcomed as guests.

I run Hey Soiree. "Hey Soiree!" is a new salon for women who wish to meet a discerning set of interesting professional gay women. The frequency of these nights will be demand lead. There is no entrance charge so just bring your cute selves and enjoy an after work drinky-pooos! I have reserved an area at Green Carnation. We will be upstairs on the first floor as you enter through the double doors, we are on your immediate right. Please confirm your attendance: email elaine@theglassbar.org.uk or message my facebook inbox.

I run Pimp My Popcorn. PIMP MY POPCORN quiz night has a new home!!!! Challenging, fun, competitive, unique, memorable and a great way to meet people and extend your social net work. Come along...... Thurs 27th Oct at 7pm Highly entertaining and lively quiz night for the competitive, brave, witty, bookish and geeky souls out there. Fast and furious rounds of quizzes, questions and queries. Pimp My Pop Corn will be held in the basement bar of The Square Pig (in the basement bar), 32 Proctor Street, Holborn 6NX

The ground floor is very busy so squeeze your way through to the back and down the stair to a serine room ideal for quiz nights. We have our own bar and food is available until 9pm. Nearest tube Holborn Street Station. Check website nearer the time for any last minute changes. www.theglassbar.org.uk Bring self, brain, friends and a whole lot of enthusiasm. Arrive at 7pm to start the quiz night at 7.30pm. Don't let the side down by being late. You do not have to come as a ready made team. I am sure it will be easy to merge with others to 
form your quiz team. Prizes for the winners...........watch this space!

Door tip £3. Men welcomed

I also run Flaunt my latest addition. Flaunt is a unique night life experience for women who really know how to have fun. Flaunt brings you a new innovative way of experiencing great music in amazing contemporary venues with friendly bar service and a fabulously delicious range of drinks.

Do your various events attract a similar profile of Lesbians or a range?

My events are designed to attract a wide range of women. I can proudly say that I am very successful at doing just that.

What are your current challenges?

Getting people out from behind the TV! TV watching is my biggest competitor and as I am not a TV production company so it is a little hard to beat. However next year I will have video interviews with well known people in my e-magazine iChoose.

How much does the increased use of Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) affect you (i.e. instant access to customers, public feedback)?

Social media breaks down all walls of communication and enables one to touch a vast amount of people in a few easy steps.It has given me the opportunity to re-define The Glass Bar and create greater flexibility in the service I provide for the lesbian community. The existence of social media has been very positive.

What has been the highlight of your ‘event career’ so far?

The launch of Pout and Flaunt.

Do you have any exciting future plans you would like to share with us?

I have but as they say 'watch this space'. xxx