Event reviews

Crazy Gorgeous from GoodGirlz Gone Bad

Posted by Planet Nation on 13 February 2012

Crazy Gorgeous (shortly to be weekly on Fridays, between 10pm and 3am) started bang on time, 10pm means just that and not a moment before.  I arrived at 9.45pm, pre-work drinks having ended rather prematurely, and was advised to wait at the venue’s ground floor bar, so to speak (I can’t attest to the punctuality of the closing time, being old and having left before midnight).  

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Mint Social

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 01 February 2012

The venue is very in keeping with the style of the event, Soho House is luxurious, friendly and welcoming and has that professional feel to it. The music is very much a background and there isn't any dancing to be found here. Instead what you'll find is lots of intelligent women networking, chatting and enjoying a few drinks after a day in the office. This event is perfect for networking with other city professionals or an ideal event for socialising with your professional lesbian colleagues.

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Women on Women launch at JuJu Bar

Posted by Editor on 26 January 2012
The launch of a cocktail night in a trendy Chelsea bar, filled with hundreds of lesbian and bi women... you can imagine we had high expectations for this evening out. And for the most part we were not disappointed.
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Giving Back's no Joke!

Posted by Planet Nation on 24 January 2012

On a rare night out where we were out for our own pleasure and not donning our metaphorical Planet London hats, we were treated to a night of comedy on Thursday night in aid of The Albert Kennedy Trust. The event was a private fundraiser hosted by Parliout (Parliament's LGBT network which launched in December 2010).

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Stav B's Winter Ball

Posted by Ida Raine on 21 January 2012

Tonight's theme was ''Glamorous'' and glamorous it was! All around me were suits, diamantés and colourful cocktails. For the tee-teetotallers there was also a small selection of 'Detox' cocktails. In keeping with the theme, the music was more Fred & Ginger than pop.

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Posted by Planet Nation on 31 December 2011

Let me start this review with a confession - I love the Green Carnation (GC)! The touchy velvety wall paper, the friendly bar staff, the classy cocktails, what's not to love!?  So I was properly looking forward to Code at GC, advertised as occupying all 3 floors.  To be honest, I never even knew there were three floors at GC, and the discovery of the basement was an eye opener.  It had a small bar and an intimate dance floor which was well serviced by harder dance music.  It kinda felt like a mini-rave, what with the gyrating bodies in a confined place... mmm mm.  Highly recommended!

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Lounge Christmas Party

Posted by Editor on 22 December 2011

But Lounge is a great night out to let loose on the dancefloor – with a fab mix of music current and retro dance classics (the DJs were Uncle Jane, Philly and Christine Townsend). It’s one to come along to with a group of friends – most of the crowd was various groups of friends. It’s a good range of ages of women up for a good night out.

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Bijou at the Carter Rooms

Posted by Planet Nation on 10 December 2011

Bijou feels like one of those nights from ‘back in the day’.  It’s down a quiet City street, and once you pass the front door and tell the security which night you are there for you are greeted warmly by the beautiful Lauren and Robin who run the night.  The location has an intimate yet spacious feeling bar with a good number of comfortable booths to leave your bag and coat and to catch up with friends.  

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Beehayve East - launch

Posted by Editor on 26 November 2011

Tucked away in quiet Bow Wharf, E3, Fat Cat Cafe held host to the first Beehayve East event.

Beehayve East was created by Hayley & Imke who wanted to bring together women for a chilled, sociable night out, away from the centre of Town. The launch event seemed to do just that, a good turnout of lesbians and bi women taking over the bar! It was a very pleasant atmosphere and friendly too.

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Corsets & Diamonds

Posted by Ida Raine on 26 November 2011

When we first walked in it was to be faced with a rather glamorous mix of people and a Diva Von Teese-lookalike taking her clothes off on the floor. Ten minutes later, the performance done and nipple tassels revealed, we made our way to the bar. It was then I realised my mistake. It was a masked party and like a fool I'd forgotten my mask. 

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Posted by Planet Nation on 06 November 2011

Rumours is one of those well-established, long-running events that it seems like everyone has heard of. How does it still manage to pull in the punters?

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The Beautiful & The Damned

Posted by Planet Nation on 30 October 2011

The venue, Protocol, shared an entrance with another event, but the security deftly pointed people into the entrance they needed. Protocol boasted a comfortable booth area for some semi-private sitting, and two dance rooms that were appropriately decorated with spiders and a lot of webs. Though both dance rooms had their own bar, differing staffing levels sometimes left the bar 3 people deep. On the plus side, each room also had a welcoming tray piled with marshmallows and gummy candy to keep your blood sugar levels peaked. 

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The Big Gay Lifestyle Show @ The Connaught Rooms, London

Posted by Editor on 30 October 2011

Planet London visited the first Big Gay Lifestyle Show which took place on Saturday 22 October at the Connaught Rooms near Holborn (located on the aptly named Great Queen Street). Whilst the Big Gay Lifestyle Show wasn't very visible from the outside, the gays had really taken over the venue inside and the venue itself was as grand as the name suggests with Titanic like chandeliers.

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Who Cares?

Posted by Ida Raine on 29 October 2011

The Vigil against Hate Crime 2011 wasn't well publicised from where I'm standing. I first saw it on my newsfeed in response to the brutal murder of Stuart Walker. Planet London was the next to publicise it and later, a member of Pride London. Yet each time it dropped like a stone in the ocean. Asking around today, almost none of my social circle were going and in fact, few seemed even aware it was happening. 

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Pout - 2nd Birthday

Posted by Editor on 16 October 2011

A friendly crowd, that begins with the welcoming face of Elaine (owner of the Glass Bar) at the door, filling the venue (the queue was out of the door around 11pm), boogied away to an ecclectic 70s, 80s and 90s pop/electro/soul blend - not necessarily traditional floor fillers.

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Margaret CHo - Cho Dependent

Posted by Editor on 13 October 2011

Not for the faint-hearted, Cho takes us on a comedy tour that is at some points close to the wire, covering subjects from abortion to cunnilingus, that constantly kept the audience laughing.

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Glitter ball (incorporating L-Talent Final)

Posted by Editor on 12 September 2011

We were excited - really keen to see what talents the eight finalists (2 from each of the regional heats: Brighton, London, Birmingham, Manchester) would have to offer, and we were not disappointed.

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Bijou at Tart Bar

Posted by Editor on 31 July 2011

Walking into the bar, I immediately felt cool. Not the fake cool, the one that oversells itself and everything that supposedly makes it good, but real cool – understated, funky and chilled out.

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Sweet Dreams Girls Launch

Posted by Editor on 06 June 2011

On a rainy Sunday evening, we arrived at Secrets near Euston, not entirely sure what to expect from the Sweet Dreams evening, marketed as 'an evening of pole dancing, burlesque and table dancing'. We recognise that this kind of event does not meet all tastes within the lesbian community, and that some of our visitors may be offended or opposed to events of this nature. However, our aim is to try and represent all tastes within the community and appreciate the diverse nature of those tastes.

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Women on Women Boat Party along the Thames

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 03 June 2011

Planet London’s Naomi revisited the WOW Boat Party for its second event on Friday 3 June, departing from Embankment pier. We were delighted to attend along with the recent winner, Caren Maguire, of our newsletter prize draw.

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