Event reviews

Comedy: Comedy & Cupcakes at Karamel

Posted by Editor on 10 February 2013

Lara King, with a cheeky wit and a wink, hosts this friendly, funny, foody evening on the first Friday of the month. Six comedians and an open mic slot pave the way to a delightful mix of comedy and banter, on a journey from the traditional, to character based, to sketches and overall a night filled with laughter.

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Wotever Mini Queer Film Festival I

Posted by Editor on 07 February 2013

A packed house of queer women and the occasional man sat down to this exciting and diverse film programme for an evening of celebrating grass roots, queer visibility on screen.

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Blush Bar customers like it hard!

Posted by Editor on 31 January 2013

Blush Bar is a very relaxed bar with friendly staff and customers. Siobhan runs the quiz on Wednesdays, which was heavily attended tonight and the bar feeling pretty full, although we all certainly could have cosied up to make more space for additional quizzers.

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Rosie Wilby at Canal Cafe Theatre

Posted by Editor on 12 January 2013

Rosie Wilby’s humour filled, self-depricating ‘Absolute Love’ conveys a serious message at its centre. The power of modern technology that has improved global communication and access beyond even Berners-Lee’s (look him up on your nearest search engine device) wildest imagination, has somewhat stilted the art of one-to-one relationships.

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Bigger is Better: G3:PM Review

Posted by Editor on 02 December 2012

This 4 in one event brought together some of the best of a broad range of events aimed at lesbians & bi women and the genderqueer of London. It feels like the return of the superclub, where different rooms host different banging tunes, live music, wild entertainment and plenty of women.

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Posted by Naomi Bennett on 23 November 2012

We were invited along to join WTF! (What Thursdays are For) for their 1 year birthday party. The group is a weekly meet up, of mainly Gingerbeer members, and a few friends through word of mouth, who meet at the bar in Soho Theatre on Thursdays from 6.30pm.

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Susan Calman, "This Lady's Not for Turning Either" (stand up)

Posted by Laura Alexander on 19 November 2012

According to the publicity material, Susan Calman’s show “This Lady’s Not For Turning Either”, is about growing up gay in Scotland in the 1980s. Is it b*llocks. This show is an extended heartfelt plea for equal marriage rights in the 2010s. It’s also very, very funny.

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A Piece of the Cake goes to...

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 12 November 2012

Yesterday Planet London hosted a fundraising event for 3 London based LGBT charities; ELOP, London Friend and Stonewall Housing.

The event, which was kindly hosted by Candy in Soho, drew in a number of lesbian and bi women of the cake-loving genre!

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Club Night: Chick Habit featuring Amity & JD Samson

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 07 October 2012

Now, I have to admit that I haven't actually been to Candy Bar in a while. I see myself as outside of the core customerbase. When I think of Candy Bar I think of uber-trendy student lesbians, under 25, and who are single and looking for fun. Thursday night was quite an eye-opener to the fact that the customerbase of this bar is expanding beyond this stereotype.

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Hip Hip Hooray, we sash-ayed the Big Gay 10k

Posted by Planet Nation on 03 October 2012

Sunday 30 September, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Sunny cloudy weather. A bunch of gays. What more could you want for the end of the Summer?

We arrived early, ready to set up our stall, which was bang in the middle of the row of pop up gazebos.

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Hot Summer Reads at Sh!

Posted by Editor on 24 August 2012

Greeted with a typical Sh! welcome that instantly makes you feel at home, coupled with a glass of pink bubbly and chocolate cupcakes was a glorious way to start off the fun and filth entertainment that awaited us.

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Southbank surfing In the City @ London Wall Bar and Grill

Posted by Editor on 20 August 2012

A gorgeous Summer's night saw us try out the new Southbank surfing venue that promised to offer enough space for the growing guest list at SBS. 

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Code at West 5, Ealing

Posted by Le Fin on 14 July 2012

West 5 is my local gay bar/pub and over the last few years I’ve been here a few times. The recent change in management of the venue has left me intrigued to what they will do with the venue. 

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G3 Website Launch hosted by L-Wired at Ruby Blue Lounge

Posted by Editor on 01 June 2012

This bash wasn't just about L-Wired though, with the launch of G3's new social networking website for lesbians and bi women (the 'facebook for lesbians') as the main draw - including a raffle of some top notch prizes.

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WOW cocktail social at Holborn House

Posted by Editor on 31 May 2012

The latest in the revolving cocktail night saw a new twist with the evening starting with an optional cocktail making masterclass - plenty to both learn and drink, at the classy Holborn House (we've voted it the best toilets in a venue for lesbian events). This was accompanied by tasty canapes for those who took part.

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Club T Launch

Posted by Ida Raine on 10 April 2012

The Dalston Superstore is an interesting bar to take in, being long and thin with strange sculptures on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. Exposed pipes along the roof give it an almost industrial feel while the silver disco ball in the corner adds a bit of glamour. The dance floor is downstairs only tonight it was off limits. I am here for the brand new and very exciting T Club. Unlike most of the clubs I go to with the proviso of ‘Men as guests’, tonight it was ‘Women as guests’.

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Dyke March London

Posted by Ida Raine on 03 April 2012

I turned up early to the Dyke March. I don’t often manage to turn up early to things, but felt it was important this day. I have been on many LGBT marches, but this was my first ever Dyke March. 

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Red in the Face Comedy at Candy Bar

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 13 March 2012
We were lucky to unwrap four sweet treats at the monthly Red in Face Candy Bar Comedy night along with a motley crew of lesbians who were anything but the perceived stereotypical customer (think art dealers and microbiologists!).
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L-Wired Launch

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 08 March 2012

Thursday night was the launch of this new brand, called L-Wired at Clinic in Piccadilly Circus. The venue was quite quirky with mannequins hanging from the ceiling and surgical masks hanging from the menus and the staff in medical uniforms, but this was normal for the venue so what did L-Wired offer?

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SteamPunk Tango

Posted by Ida Raine on 24 February 2012

As the theme suggests the event was a celebration of tango! To ensure that all attendees had at least a chance of being able to dance, a tango class had been held for the first half hour of the night. Those who didn’t participate were still shuffling their feet later into the night, while those who paid attention seemed to fill the dance floor for the rest of the evening. I was shuffling.

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