Event reviews

Laughing Labia, A riot between the legs

Posted by Editor on 19 September 2013

Launching its second season, Laughing Labia kicked off its opener in comedic style. This event is a platform for Women in Comedy and not just the usual suspects either. Also pleasing was the diverse and multicultural line up, which meant the five acts provided vastly different perspectives and comedy styles. The theme of the night was cultural differences and the humour that can be found in the space between two worlds.

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Boi Box @ Candy Bar - the Launch

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 12 September 2013

Boxing Clever

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3 lesbians and a picnic blanket

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 01 September 2013

This year, Herts launched its first Pride event. In Cassiobury Park in Watford, the whole county came together for one of the best Pride events I have been to in a long time. The atmosphere was like a county fair, a gay county fair.

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Magical, Mystery Manchester Pride... (2013)

Posted by Editor on 28 August 2013

"Peace, love & respect..."

We set off for Manchester at 6.30am not knowing what to expect in the day ahead. We decided to drive because at late notice hotels were approximately £200 a night and train travel would have been £70 return (not bad) but the last train left Manchester before 9pm. So we drove, arrived in 4 hours and paid a mere £15 to park right in the city centre for the whole day.

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Luscious lesbians, lovely location

Posted by Editor on 18 August 2013

Downstairs is where the magic happens. Arrive early for a chilled dance space with mood lighting. Again a great sized space with plenty of room to dance, with sofas dotted around for those who prefer to watch from the sidelines. Once it gets to after 10pm the dancefloor is transformed by low lighting and the dancing really kicks off.

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Tender, Loving... TLC

Posted by Editor on 14 August 2013

Party tunes were the dancers' choice as they took to the floor (and the poles!) and each other to shake some booty, and this month we were not disappointed with special guest DJ Christina Novelli.

The flirting continued late into the night, creating a hot, friendly ambiance where no woman was left on her own (even if she arrived that way...)

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TLC - Big Friday Flirt

Posted by Planet Nation on 11 August 2013

Welcomed by the King of Flirting Adam All and our very friendly Planeteers, lovely lesbians and bi women looking to mingle were treated to a very special pre-TLC event in the Planet Pinked up Green Carnation space.

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Brighton Pride - "Thunderbolts and Lightning, very very frightening!"

Posted by Planet Nation on 03 August 2013

Lightning storms, long queues, sunshine, drinking, lesbians, the beach, camping, campfires, street parties, pimms, women's performance tent... hear all about Brighton Pride Planet London style in our new high tech-multimedia-vlog-type-thing

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L Fest 2013 - we came, we saw, we flippy-cupped...

Posted by Editor on 25 July 2013

With music playing to get our party started, we opened up at 1pm on Friday ready for business. By the end of the weekend, we'd met hundreds of lovely LFesters, hosted a breakfast, mingled, Jenga-ed, played drinking games with Jill Bennett and 150 women, MCed celesbian Twister (thanks Jill), seen music, comedy and arts events, bonded, snogged and cried at the thought of going home. 

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Chica Bonita @ Candy Bar

Posted by Editor on 30 June 2013

It is refreshing to have this kind of event for women only - lesbian/bi women only in a very safe space and dancers who have insight into women's tastes.

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Doing it Proud for Love & Marriage - London Pride 2013

Posted by Editor on 30 June 2013

With new organisers and a completely different approach to Pride, the March and the events put on for the community, there was a real opportunity to break away from Pride only being meaningful for a small section of the LGBT community.

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An Audience with Martina Navratilova

Posted by Planet Nation on 25 June 2013

There was Martina Navratilova and Clare Balding sitting opposite each other as if they were in their front room having a good old catch up. 

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Duckie visits the Gateways Salon

Posted by Planet Nation on 18 June 2013

On Wednesday 12 June Duckie held a pre-Gateways Salon discussion event at the RVT. It was incredibly refreshing to see the  most diverse and inclusive audience I've come across at the RVT, well ever.

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Chica Bonita launch (and news of the next one in London!)

Posted by Planet Nation on 16 June 2013

Dashed were my illusions of bunny tails on satin-skinned bottoms and Christina Hendricks, bare shouldered, and falling out of her wiggle dress for me.

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Blue Monday: Live, Loud (and in your living room!)

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 14 May 2013

Blue Monday is an amazing live music event run for lesbian and bi women but welcoming to all who are like minded. For those who don't live in London or who are housebound (don't spread your winter bugs!) fear not as this truly amazing night is streamed live, you can even watch previous events at your own convenience. If you prefer the live atmosphere the night is free to enter and drinks are pretty reasonable too. Blue Monday is hosted by Miri Hersh. She has an amazing team behind her to pull off this modern music medley.

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"A hair's breadth" - what's between and beyond?

Posted by Planet Nation on 12 May 2013

"One month, one chair, one barber. We talked to every client who sat down every Saturday in January 2013, and now we're having an exhibition to show you what happened."

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Cocktails that won't make you blush - Blush Bar cocktail night

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 03 May 2013

Naomi popped along to check out Blush Bar's Pop Up cocktail night. Blush Bar transforms on a Thursday night and becomes Lez Lounge with the Cocktail Gardener. First impressions are a luxurious evening, and more than your average cocktail on offer.

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Lucy Spraggan @ The Borderline

Posted by Editor on 02 May 2013

It was clear on entry that Spraggan has a hardcore dedicated fanbase, generally young-ish, mostly lesbian. Constant yells of "We love Lucy" rang out whilst we waited patiently for her to come on stage.

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Dinah Shore - the largest girl party in the World!

Posted by Editor on 15 April 2013

As an unconventional part of our honeymoon road trip we decided to attend Dinah Shore in Palm Springs. Unusual as couples can break up at Dinah Shore due to the fact there are soo many women of all ages ready for a good time and a lively party atmosphere.

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A Roasting at Blush Bar

Posted by Planet Nation on 10 February 2013

The portion sizes were perfect, on large plates. The generous meat came with three fresh seasonal veg as well as home made roast potatoes and my favourite part, 2 yorkshire puddings (both of which are available for seconds). The veg was cooked exactly to our taste, the meat tender and all served speedily despite much of it being cooked fresh to order.

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