Event reviews

Smoking: Heather Peace @ Stokey Stop

Posted by Editor on 11 June 2014

Peace was on fire, with stunning vocals, moody piano and a delicate guitar. Opening with good humour and appreciation of her fans, then the title track  of the second album, Peace set the tone for the hour long set.

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Are you a bit like Maxine?

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 31 May 2014

Who is Maxine you ask? Well it doesn't actually matter who she is, it is more what she represents!

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Prom graduates to Carnival

Posted by Planet Nation on 26 May 2014

Working in collaboration with Bar Wotever and DOMO, Carnival was the perfect night for all of us who have tastes and tendencies outside of the mainstream. 

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Femmes by the Thames - laughing out loud

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 17 May 2014

Femmes by the Thames is more than just a bog standard stand up evening. The acts are more interactive, and more than just monologues - with character bits, songs and even poetry thrown in In the first half we were delighted to Caroline Hardie and Barbara Brownskirt.

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Shaken, & Stirred - Appreciating female masculinity Bond style #FMAS007

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 16 May 2014

FMAS has a clear identity as an evening -  all in aid of Female Masculinity, for all of us who are, all of us who want, all of us who live, breathe and play with it...

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Labels Acoustic sessions with Jade Ellis and The Trails

Posted by Editor on 09 May 2014

The acoustics of the venue providing the perfect space for this Labels Acoustic session, as Jade Ellis' unique silky sublime voice resonated around us - and this was before the gig had even started.

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Bridging the gap of women's events in South West London

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 06 May 2014

Hosted in Del Aziz, a ground floor restaurant, is a little known but seductive downstairs bar space called the Zahra Bar. As a change from what the LBQ scene has come to expect; although a lower level space, there is disabled access (albeit via the service entrance around the back - still a massive improvement on many spaces used by the LBQ community).

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Happy, Happy, Sunday Happy Day!

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 29 April 2014

Sunday Happy Day is the perfect way to wrap up the weekend and to put off the impending chill out before the inevitable Monday morning thoughts. If you have too much energy to disperse to sit in front of the TV or to be online at home we recommend a trip down to Sunday Happy Day. 

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Get down girl, oh hey get down

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 29 April 2014

If a sign of a good night is a pulled muscle from dancing too hard, well then what a night!
Friday night saw the launch of a new night for LBQ women - in North London no less!

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Let's Get Quizzical!

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 28 April 2014

Some quizzes can be too long; others too hard; some just plain frustrating. Amy did an amazing job at pitching this just right. Our comedy favourite moment of the night was Amy admitting that she was going to pronounce UEFA as 'U' 'E' 'F' 'A' but her girlfriend set her right.

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High end Labels - a new menu on offer

Posted by Planet Nation on 19 April 2014

Looking to lounge and dine in a lady-loving environment? You need go no further than Labels.

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The Best Dinah ever?

Posted by Planet Nation on 12 April 2014
Club Skirts breaks all attendance records as crowds gathered from all over the globe to witness what some are calling the best Dinah line up in history.
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Live Music Performances @ The Dinah 14 #TheDinah14

Posted by Editor on 07 April 2014

The 2014 Dinah Shore weekend line up was one of the best in recent years. From the event that has previously brought guests Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha and Gaga, there is always a high expectation on the standard that has been set. 

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Doing the Dinah in 2014 - our inside scoop on the international womens festival in Palm Springs, CA

Posted by Editor on 04 April 2014

Our aim is to give you an insight into this festival; break down the barriers and let you know what to expect as a Brit going to The Dinah.

This is our ongoing review of Dinah Shore. Not sure what Dinah Shore is about? Want to get a bit of an inside view of the whole week? Your wish is our command!

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Fortune favours the funny... It's Comedy night at The Dinah #TheDinah2014

Posted by Editor on 04 April 2014

A mellow and hilarious kick off to The Dinah begins with the Thursday night comedy affair at the Palm Springs Convention Centre. It's not often we get treated to an all-female, nay, all-lesbian quality comic line up.

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Flirting with femmes and food! Pink Lobster Speed Dating @ SHE

Posted by Planet Nation on 02 April 2014

Women talking, whistles blowing, and positions changing at four-minute intervals: it was the most civilized commotion imaginable, with lipstick lesbians rotating around the stylish basement bar. 

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Lick me and feed me to lesbians!

Posted by Planet Nation on 31 March 2014

This is a fresh new night, it was refreshing to find good music with a decent beat, courtesy of DJ Abstar. The crowd wasn't the usual suspects and this night has succeeded in filling a gap in the scene for the 30s to 40s lesbian about town.

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Killjoy's Kastle - A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House and a grave deal!

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 24 March 2014

In the space between NFT2 and the ticket area, tucked away in the corner, a reconstruction of Creep Lez from Toronto in Canada.

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Jazzing up your Thursday night with good food and live music

Posted by Planet Nation on 22 March 2014

On Thursdays Labels hosts live jazz sessions from 8pm so if you can wait you can enjoy a romantic meal with live jazz in the background and over the flicker of candle light.

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Back in the Habit: Jen Long @ Chick Habit, SHE soho

Posted by Editor on 21 March 2014

The event offers frequent live performances and guest DJ sets, this week no exception as Radio 1's Jen Long stole the show.

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