Event reviews

Lighting up LBQ Life

Posted by Planet Nation on 09 March 2016

Last month I happened to stumble upon Silvia who got in touch about a pub in North London that was looking to start providing a social space for LBQ women. So I arranged to meet Silvia at The Old Crown in Highgate to find out more. Prepare to be excited!

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Getting Spiritual

Posted by Planet Nation on 28 February 2016

I received a warm welcome on arrival, which immediately set me at ease, and the vibe around the room was relaxed and friendly and instantly stopped feeling like strangers.

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Spirituality and Sex Event for LGBT History Month

Posted by Planet Nation on 26 February 2016

Lewisham is a borough full of LGBT people; and subsequently full of events for LGBT History Month

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Worship Aphrodyki and join us in paradise

Posted by AnnaHur on 16 February 2016

It was dark. It was hot. Ash brought a game - mini assignments on pieces of paper that will get you meeting new people. Go to someone and tell them they are hot, one read. Shout out I'm ....in the toilet queue, read another. See what happens!

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#StudentPride - all the happenings!

Posted by Planet Nation on 06 February 2016

Award winning student pride brings together an accessible, informative, fun and self organised event for LGBT students, now in its 11th successful year. Beginning in Oxford, the event has moved to London for the last 2 years, and now attracts over 1000 students from 115 universities.

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Winter Pride gets a cool response

Posted by AnnaHur on 03 February 2016

I had a great time at London Winter Pride. From the moment I got in and took funky pictures blowing bubbles against graffiti painted on the spot, (see proof below) to slow grinding to the rhythms of R&She (yes, I like to drop it like it's hot), or moving to the beat of Michelle Manetti – it was a good night.

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A smile at Pout

Posted by Editor on 24 January 2016

Pout has been around for some years now, and it's fantastic to see a regular LBQ event that knows exactly what it is lasting on the scene. It's a core offering from Elaine MacKenzie's Glass Bar brand.

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Loving a bit of Pink Thursdays

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 16 January 2016

I arrived at Ekcovision on Atlantic Road (under the arches between Brixton rail and Brixton tube) just after 8pm and was greeted by a room of friendly, smiling and chatty women who were all enjoying the music being provided by co-host Daphnea. I was greeted on arrival by co-host Teresa and introduced to a few of the women who I didn’t already know.

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Let's talk about...: LGBT+ talk sex with Diva and Pace

Posted by Editor on 22 November 2015

With a diverse panel representing some of the often most invisible members of our community, we heard personal stories and experiences to celebrate the notion of sex in our lives and to challenge the discrimation we often face when accessing services. 

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A Moment of Sappho-Searching With...Wegan: Power Couple on all things love, dating & THE launch party to end all launch parties

Posted by Caitlin Maggs on 22 November 2015

Lezbehonest, finding femmes ain't always easy.

I'll be the first to raise my hand and say the search for lipstick-love isn't a ride in the park at the best of times...

I mean, most nights you're in better luck of spotting a unicorn on a full moon, playing Scrabble. Yes, Scrabble.

But, fear not...my fellow lady-lovers... YouTubers, Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon - collaboratively known as Wegan -  are here to make our love lives that the incy bit easier.
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Wotever DIY Film Festival 2015

Posted by Planet Nation on 07 September 2015

A programmer once told me, "if you really want to make a most of a film festival, go to a film that you wouldn't normally select." This always since been my motto in the past few years. The opening gala film 'Stories of Our Lives' was one of them.

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MINT @ Foundation

Posted by AnnaHur on 02 September 2015

MINT @ Foundation; Sunday 30 August; Tickets - £15

You know it's going to be a great party when queueing makes you want to stare. In all directions at once.

Inside, you couldn't help but exclaim: "This is such a great party! I can't decide where I want to be."

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FMAS12 – Queers on Film Gala Party

Posted by AnnaHur on 31 August 2015

In celebration of all things non traditional, non heteronormative, non linear and un-expected, we get excitedly ready for the FMAS12 – Queers on Film Gala Party.

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Blue Monday Mini Fest

Posted by Editor on 31 July 2015

The first Blue Monday Mini Fest took place on Saturday 25 July, at it's home the Boogaloo. A full day affair, with sunshine, burgers and an additional outside acoustic stage brought the best of Blue Monday's monthly events, a few new guests and some comedy to audiences established a new.

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Burlesque at Muse

Posted by Madgey on 15 June 2015

When the chance arose to go along and see live burlesque in Soho, I was hesitant. Set in the basement restaurant Muse (formerly Labels), this venue provided a very intimate and classy setting for the rising burlesque stars on the circuit to showcase their talent.

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L Fest Del Mar 2015

Posted by Editor on 07 June 2015

The main L Fest Del Mar parties take took place this year at a hired villa - aka the lesbian playboy mansion, a private villa (and move away from the private beach club further up the peninsular from last year. Starting on the Friday night and carrying right on through to the wee hours of Monday morning, the setting offered a sense of space and privacy with split level access, outside roof top and beachside terraces, beds galore, space for massages and performers green room a bar and food options, rustic rather than sterile in style, and direct access to the beach with plenty of loungers (Med side). 

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MIRI – Rare Acoustic Sessions EP Launch

Posted by Sarah Lavender on 01 June 2015

MIRI launched her brand new EP last Thursday, at the Star by Hackney Downs, an intimate venue that compliments her style perfectly.  MIRI’s voice is more grown-up, sultry, and contains a raw emotion that makes you believe every word she sings.

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Elaine's Glass Bar bi-weekly Pop Up review

Posted by AnnaHur on 28 May 2015

Bar Titania – are you familiar with the place? Two storeys of pure potential for lesbian fun and debauchery – show off your pool skills, buy a girl a drink or two, dance on a few tables, retreat to the basement for some fumbling wet fun.

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London Bound: Spraggan's Stairway to Heaven

Posted by Editor on 24 May 2015

Opening with the lively In this Church the tone is set for a high octane set and the appreciation sets in early as Spraggan appears confident and more at home on stage than ever before - and we are on the admiring end of a well-honed performance that still maintains the authenticity and personal connection of every live show Spraggan has given in the last three years.

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Queerest of Queer Party -­ launch night review

Posted by Madgey on 14 April 2015

With this programme being a delightful collaboration between the Queer Embassy (Maria Kinsella and Alfonse Debonair), Wotever World (Ingo Cando) and the Meth Lab, this new club night showcasing the best of queer talent is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

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