What an #Outcome

The 10 October was the culmination of 2 years of photographing people up and down the country for Tom Dingley. What started out as a relatively small project photographing people holding baby photos and reflecting where they have reached, has now become immortalised in a book. On 10 October a number of the people featured in the book went along to Greenwich University for the launch event.

The Outcome project is designed to show how unique we are, and how we all progress from our child-selves into adults. It is a spin off from the It Gets Better Project, capturing the pure essence of a multitude of out LGBT people.

Naomi proudly wearing her Outcome badgeThe photos certainly are as diverse as the community they come from. Tom has managed to get everyone from Alicya Eyo (an actor in Bad Girls), to Jake Graf (a leading trans activist and director) to Kalie Jade (an entrepreneurial spiritualist). I'm even in there!

As a participant in the book, I got given a button badge which I proudly wore to promote the book. Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign to produce the book also got a similar badge to show their support.

For those of you who hadn't heard of #Outcome before today, Tom is still capturing additional photographs - just because the first book is completed, it doesn't mean the end as he still wants to capture more people in the community in order to be able to show the size of the movement.

Naomi's Outcome picture

Want your own #Outcome photo?

Planet Nation will be working with Tom to arrange a women's photography day in the next couple of months so if you are interested in having your photo taken please do get in touch so that you don't miss it. We'll be sending out the details to the website users so sign up for your free account to hear first!

#Outcome around the UK

The Outcome exhibition was on display at Greenwich University for a week, and then will be touring around the UK. Any galleries, bars or queer spaces who are interested in hosting this exhibition are encouraged to get in touch with Tom.

Greenwich University lit up for the launch of Outcome