S!NG you heart out with Adam and Apple at SHE

Finding myself in Soho on a Thursday evening following a networking session with Lesbians Who Tech, I thought I would pop into SHE Soho to see what was going on.

I found myself in the middle of popular karaoke night, S!NG Karaoke which is hosted by popular duo Adam All and Apple Derrieres from BoiBox.

The night was buzzing and the bar was full of women dancing, singing and generally having a good time. I had a great time catching up with some women I knew, and chatting to lots of women I'd never met. Everyone was really friendly and in a great mood.

The singing was as you would expect from any good karaoke night - from talented singers to entertainers who had the room singing. The mood was bouyant and the tunes were plentiful, if not all in tune!

I'm sure everyone will be glad to hear I didn't sing myself - I would have cleared the room! For those who did take the mic, they were treated to a free shot as a thanks (which I'm sure fuelled most of the good will in the room!)

Make sure you now catch this vibrant event on the first and second Thursdays of every month! BOi BOX bosses, Adam All and Apple Derrieres are amazingly friendly hosts and the sassy duo are sure to get you on the mic, or dancing if that is your thing!

Free entry, free shots and free fun - what more could you want from a Thursday night?!?

SHE Soho Sing Karaoke poster