Rumour has it that this night is fab!

I'd been planning on going to Brighton's newest LGBT night, Rumour Has It, for a while. Held above Charles Street at Envy, we were not disappointed.  We started the night in Charles St, where the DJ's got us warmed up for going upstairs.  My friends were also really pleased to see how many LBQ women were in Charles Street that night.  Hot women and good music is a pretty good combo!

Rumour Has ItFor those of you a little skeptical about the scene (my friends included), it was great to find a complete mix of all ages and gender at Rumour Has It; plus a friendly vibe from the start.

DJ Lady Lola organised a mix of house DJ's including herself, King K, Alpha and the headline act Seamus Haji.  The door crew were also fundraising for the Rainbow Fund.  

Dancing all night till our feet hurt made me think back to the days where Wet Pussy Girls night was held at Envy.  Except that fashions have changed-more lesbians have long hair and I'd like to think that Rumour has it has a much more diverse crowd. 

Come and find out for yourself at the next one, the team will be releasing the date very shortly.


Maz and friends at Rumour Has It