Review of Read my Lips in Bristol

What a cracking night! I went with my exhausted self (I’d been moving house all day) to check out the debut of Read my Lips at the Old Market Assembly, wondering how I’d stay awake long enough to take it all in.

The flyer held promise of a good night – Filthy, Fabulous and Fluid which it certainly was, all, only for a fiver! The flyer also said ‘Putting Art back into Party’, I was intrigued. The night did not disappoint!

Read My Lips flyerAny tiredness was shaken off virtually on entry to the Assembly Rooms on West Street, Old Market. The night fully delivered. Great venue chosen as it is a great space to have live performance on and a banging club night, I enjoyed the crossover very much. As a music lover and sometime dj, I’m always up for a good dance if the tunes do it for me. I was treated to several favourites of ear candy and dance delights throughout the night, gorgeous dance tracks like Aretha Franklin’s Jump to it and a beautiful version of Joe Smooth’s Promised Land. The dance floor got busy virtually from the start and stayed that way right to the end. Several songs made me drop conversations with the lovely person I was chatting to  (of which there were many – friendly, warm, inclusive crowd) and get busy dancing instead. Each DJ, cracked out banging tunes. I managed to tear myself away from the dance floor which was tough but so worth it. I caught the last 6 performance pieces and was treated to live performance art in a salon atmosphere – some of it really challenging to the senses and thought, emotional, clever, funny, political in the personal sense and cathartic.

What a fabulous night of creativity, fun and discotastic coolness. I hope this crew do their thing again and again, a brilliant night.

Read my Lips official photo by Natasha Davies-Walke

Read my Lips was hosted by The Old Market Assembly. Follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook. Future events aimed at LBQ women will be listed on the Planet Nation Calendar.

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