Proudly celebrating Pride on a gloomy Winter night

Winter Pride took place on Saturday 25 February at Scala in King's Cross, London. It was on between 9pm and 5am and was a mixed LGBT+ event. 

There were four rooms, including a women's room that was hosted by long-standing event promoters Miss Shapes and newer event Pitch Slap. The DJs in the women's room throughout the night were: El Conchitas, Michelle Manetti, Izzy Trixx and Yvette Lindquist.

Winter Pride line upI am a strong believer that pride is a key element in keeping our community together and to celebrate our pride for being out and proud. Even though this is a daily task, and celebrated worldwide, usually around the anniversary of Stonewall riots at the end of June, why not celebrate it in gloomy winter as well?!

My friends and I were excited to celebrate in one of London's famous nightclubs, for a queer event.

The line up wasn't too bad, and everyone was friendly at the event. This was an LGBT+ event, so it was mixed - a bit of a rareity these days in London. This gave a good first impression when we arrived.

The line up for the coat check on the other hand, it was insane!!! It actually went from first floor up the stairs to second floor dance floor!! Unfortunately it only got worst through out the night as one tiny kiosk with 2 people isn't enough for winter event at Scala with thousands of people... perhaps a reason why this could be better in Spring or Summer when less people would have coats?!

Immediately after we handed over our coats, we headed up to the women's section (of course!).

It was the smallest of the floors (pretty standard for mixed events so to be expected) but the vibe was great and the DJ we walked in on was playing the drums whilst also spinning, which was amazing and everyone was obviously really loving the beat as the room was in full flow with women dancing.

The bar staff weren't that friendly or efficient so after waiting the first 30 min, we vouched for getting drinks from other bars in the club. This is a challenge when you use such a big venue as invariably they will use their own staff so it can be hit or miss. Not so much of a problem when there are so many bars to choose from!

Women's Room at Scala

The club is massive so if you have a few drinks and wander off for a dance, or to follow a fit woman and you lose your gang, good luck finding them again! This especially goes for if they are all smokers and they leave you hanging, as you're far more likely to get distracted checking out the talent... 

90s mixtape at Scala for Winter PridePerformer at Winter PrideDJ booth in Women's bar at Winter Pride

All in all, the atmosphere was great, the lighting was hella cool, and the music was jumping.

Me and my friends had a great time and hope for a even bigger women presence for next year!! So why not join us - the only way we can increase our visibility is to turn up - so come and join me at Winter Pride 2018!