My, My, My Delilah!

On Sunday afternoon we were delighted to pop into Soho for the debut album launch of Delilah Isabella called Restless Dreamland.

We were informed to expect a gothic Alice in Wonderland feel and we were not disappointed!

On each table we found a variety of funky casette tape style business cards to promote Delilah Isabella. These were sat alongside a gorgeous vase of fresh flowers.

Restless Dreamland Launch table decorations and cocktailSHE Soho itself had been transformed into a magical world with games, gorgeous flowers hanging from the ceilings; balloons all over the floor and a special Restless Dreamland cocktail, which was delicious and a bargain at only £4!

The SHE Soho staff were dressed up and there were cupcakes on the bar, and sweets by the stage. A lot of effort went into this event and everyone there was in a great mood as the atmosphere buzzed in anticipation.

The event was hosted by Adam and Apple who warmed up the audience with a couple of songs. In between the acts, DJ Sandra D was on the decks whilst the guests topped up their drinks.

There was also a set from the talented country singer, Sam Henwood who treated us to a number of covers as well as a song of their own.

Adam & Apple hosting the Restless Dreamland album launchSam Henwood performing at the Restless Dreamland album launch

Come 8pm everyone was eagerly awaiting the reason for the whole event - Delilah Isabella. All evening Delilah had been in the bar relaxing with friends and enjoying the entertainment in a stunning black and gold dress; but for her performance she was transformed into a new outfit with theatrical make up and wings to match her musical theme.

Delilah Isabella performing at Restless Dreamland launch

We were treated to a full line up of the songs featured on Delilah Isabella's album, each of which was about some kind of loneliness, some in a good way and some in a bad way. Each song was beautifully sung. We were treated to: L.A, Fallen City, Rivers Edge, Concerned By Coincidence, Fire In A Cage and The She Devils Deal.

Delilah Isabella captivated the audience. Most impressive was her playing the guitar with one hand. I'm not even sure how she was strumming it but it sounded great and I was impressed.

What started as a slightly nervous performance (with so many friends and family in the audience, we'd expect no less!), by the last song you could really see Delilah blossoming and relaxing and I really felt like I was witnessing the emergence of a more confident performer.

You can buy Restless Dreamland now on iTunes for £5.53: