A MUSE for everyone

We're a big fan of the former Labels, it was a good, clean space with delicious food. There was a great selection of live entertainment. However most lesbians still don't seem to know about it. 

Now operating under the new name of MUSE Soho, manager Tara has teamed up with promoter Nikki Chubb to offer a revamped venue that everyone will be shouting about.

With a whole new decor, a new chef, new menu and new cocktail menu; Labels is definitely out of fashion and put truly to bed.

MUSE Soho features warm red walls, eclectic wooden chairs and sumptuous curtains decoring the sunken booths. There is also going to be a gorgeous blue room for special occasion hire where you can dine with friends. The venue already looks fab, and apparently there are a few more tweaks and finishing touches still to come - it is all very exciting!!

The launch event included live music from Sherika Sherard to start off the live music from 8pm; then after a few tracks from DJ Miss Cupcake, we got treated to some original tracks from Jade Ellis.

There was a real buzz and we also got to sample a few of their delicious platters, of course washed down with gorgeous cocktails and bubbly!

When we left the party was just getting started with DJ Miss Cupcake.

The best thing was, this venue is so special, it is having two launch nights with the same taking place on Easter Friday with DJ Yvette Lindquist was spinning the decks.

So if you like good food, you like good music; and you are looking for a more mature space where you can hold a conversation, a trip to MUSE Soho is well worth the visit.

MUSE Soho is the perfect space to take a first date for dinner and a few drinks and a dance; to take work colleagues; or to take family if you want to come out to them. It is a friendly space. It is a flexible space. It merges between a restaurant and a club with ease meaning you can arrive straight from work, have a bite to eat, and stay until 3am!