Finding inner peace with Kalie

When I saw that Kalie was starting up a weekly sound healing session in Greenwich, I was extremely happy.

I had been to Kalie's at the end of last year a few times for some individual sound healing sessions. This had been my first experience, at a time when I was getting over the stress of the loss of my Mum, my sick wife and trying to find myself. It was an amazing experience, and I was surprised what a positive impact an hour could have.

So of course I jumped at the chance of attending the first introductory session, and even with delays on the DLR and a bomb scare at Stratford; I made my way to Greenwich for a group session.

Meditation and Self Healing through the power of soundKalie is extremely talented, and also extremely friendly so you are immediately at ease. The room was peaceful, and I was joined by around 8 other people plus Kalie. Some had experienced sound healing before like me, others were totally new to the experience.

Sound healing uses various instruments to generate sounds that resonate with our bodies. Different sounds have different vibrations and rates which link up with our organs. Sounds all very complicated but basically all you need to do is lay down with your eyes closed and relax and listen!

Sound healing has been known to help reduce pain, inflammation and all sorts of things that normally result in medication and doctors appointments. It is truly remarkable. I don't have any physical problems, but life can get stressful and so for me it is the general relaxation.

The session starts with a short meditation, which immediately makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and relaxed. As someone who has a very hectic and busy life, and whose mind races at a million miles an hour; I have been surprised at how easy I find meditation. I find myself rocking and relaxing and all my troubles float away. By the time we start the sound part of the hour I'm pretty chilled. 

I would really recommend this to anyone who just wants an hour away from the hustle and bustle and to relax. As well as the group sessions Kalie also offers individual sessions so if group activities aren't for you, just get in touch to see what she can offer!