Bringing down the house

Last night witnessed the birth of a huge shift in the scene. The vibe was electric. The talent was extreme. It felt like a scene out of The L Word... we could have been in LA! Where was this amazing event you ask?

MUSE Soho – yes right in our own back yard!

MUSE has gone and got themselves a house band. An extremely talented and amazing house band no less. They will be performing every month and they are sooooo good!!!

MUSE Soho Houseband

The band is electric, and plays a variety of popular covers from the 90s. Described as blues, rock and guitars - they play songs guaranteed to get you singing along, dancing and feeling good inside. Probably one of the most undersold bands I've seen, this band oozes talent.

So who is MUSE House Band? 

Carmen VandenbergCarmen Vandenberg

If you haven't heard of Carmen Vandenberg then you must have had your head in a bubble. Carmen is part of a lesbian band called Bones; and one of their tracks (Pretty Waste) is featured on the official Orange is the New Black soundtrack.

Carmen is well traveled, and an extremely accomplished guitarist. A natural on the stage and certainly gives the impression that she will break more than a few girls' hearts!!

Linda BurattoLinda Buratto

Linda is part of a band called Echo Boom Generation, a 3 piece female-fronted explosion of Rock & Groove all infused with Grunge influences.

Linda originally comes from Italy, and now is based in London. Her love of guitar and singing along with her unique style gives an energy to performances - it is impossible not to jump and dance and sing along!

Who else is in the MUSE Soho Houseband?

Ol Beach, Marco Briatore, Matt Wintirs and Artur King.

The launch event saw the MUSE Soho Houseband accompanied by Nashville superstar Sonia Leigh who has performed at MUSE now on a number of occasions. A little late to start after the new stage that had been installed had to be removed because it was a little too small for the whole band - but totally worth the wait!!

MUSE Soho Houseband and Sonia Leigh

If you missed this night, watch the video below to get a little snippet of an idea as to what to expect.

The other good news is that MUSE has a chef again; so you can pop in early for a nice meal to start of your evening with a bang. We enjoyed a lovely burger and a glass of wine (you can have a beer) for £9. It was a great way to start off the evening and to line our stomachs ready for the night ahead.

We can't wait for the next MUSE Soho Houseband night; and we recommend that you set this date in your diary and pop along. With entry at just £3 before 8pm and £5 afterwards this event is an absolute bargain and is guranteed to be a sell out!