Back to where the streets are paved with stone: Lucy has Landed

Thursday 27th November saw Lucy Spraggan return to her former adopted home, Brighton for the 5th and final date of a mini UK tour of intimate gigs to hardcore fans, introducing new material.

Dates, in locations voted by fans, sold out within minutes after they went on sale. Anticipation, starting with the charged queue outside the venue, was high!

It's a brave move to plan a set that is mostly new unheard, tracks. Spraggan's fans have clear favourites and it's never easy to push out new tracks. Spraggan, however, did this with ease.

Spraggan took the stage with a humble confidence and ease of presence of someone who has really found her feet and is in control of her performance. She was playful, feisty, bantering with the crowd - but always authoritative - all of which came through in spades as she played the tracks.Lucy Spraggan at the Haunt

This was a raw and stripped back set, with no gimmicks, taking us back to the beginning, but also highlighting how much Spraggan has evolved as a musician.

23* kicked off the show with anthemic style, and assuring the audience they would be in for an hour of pure Spraggan. A reggae-esque Join the club spread some swagger throughout the audience, and confirmed the versatility of the old, blending in perfect juxtaposition with the new.

The Postman*, inspired by a news story on the radio, is an epic tale, proving Spraggan is at the top of her song writing game, and is at her best when expressing the sorrow behind long lives.

The "Break up" song caught the essence of the realisation of not being in love any more...Neatly complemented by a love song dedicated to those fans in love, exemplifying the strengthened whiskey-wise voice behind all of the set list.

The show-stopping Coming Down* was simply incredible, and pushed the boundaries of Spraggan's range with haunting success.

Lucy Spraggan at the HauntReminding about the lighter side of things, the "Dating song" NO LOVE  was a quirky, fun, light hearted look at modern dating.

Uninspired, a delicate powerful poignant response to the question - "What was the last two years like?" hit home Spraggan's journey and also puts Spraggan's fans as the clear inspiration for all they had heard this evening.

Just about seasonal It doesn't feel like Christmas was a surprisingly popular choice, with a rousing chorus sing-along.

An ivory-glistened Paper Cuts, snippets of which were released on YouTube earlier in the year, further exemplified the song writing mastery Spraggan is displaying, however the foundations of this talent must not be forgetton, and there's still a tear in the eye during the solo-acoustic Tea and Toast rendition.

The dark I Can't Die* - bass laden, excerted echoes of Sheryl Crow's debut Tuesday Night Music Club (Leaving Las Vegas in particular) and after this performance, it's hard not to shake a similar sense of reverenace lurking for Spraggan's second album.

An interactive Last Night (Beer feer) lightened the mood and picked up the pace before taking the crowd London Bound, a whistful disdain of urban-living.

The final song of the night was the forthcoming single Unsinkable*, an epic power ballad embodying the full weight of strength emerging from Spraggan who has taken 2014 to write, record and grow as an artist.

What struck most throughout the whole set was the development of Spraggan's vocal range and note precision. Not only is there a suitcase full of new material that contains the story telling mastery fans will expect, it's all super charged - mature, powerful, authentic, heightened and very very exciting. The second studio album, which the audience were promised will drop in 2015, will put Spraggan firmly on the map as a musician, and artist, who is not afraid to stay firmly committed to her own musicality. Impressive.

Eddie at Lucy Spraggan GigSpraggan was supported by singer-songwriter and performance poet Eddie Brett.

*NB Song titles may not be 100% accurate.