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NEWSFLASH - Candy Bar to shut in January

Posted by Planet Nation on 21 October 2013

‎Planet London is devastated to announce that the remaining female only LBT space in Soho will close in January 2014. Candy Bar owner Gary Henshaw has made the annoucement citing a 50% increase in rent as the cause.

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Something to Pout About - 4th Birthday and a new venue!

Posted by Planet Nation on 17 October 2013

POUT is back with a-vengeance for it's 4th Birthday, making it one of the most established club nights around for lesbians and bi women in London.

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Not just Lounging About - the REBIRTH of LOUNGE!

Posted by Planet Nation on 15 October 2013

Yes, it's true LOUNGE is making it's return to London on November 30th at Voltaire in Central London. 

Lounge, run by scene legend Christine Townsend ended in 2012 because of a number of factors. One of the Lounge crew was lost to cancer which understandably affected the rest of the team's party spirit. 

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Barberette in photos

Posted by Planet Nation on 08 October 2013

We popped in to see Barberette Klara in her new home. We took some pictures because we were so impressed with the salon and wanted to share this with you.

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Bar-bar-bar-bar-Barberette - now in East London hipsters

Posted by Planet Nation on 15 August 2013
Barberette, your gender neutral friendly barber has found a new hub of her own, situated in Hackney, East London (E5).
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Pride Before the Fall - What's on offer for women in this summer's Pride events?

Posted by Planet Nation on 15 May 2013

We take a look at what's specifically aimed at women at this year's Pride events. This article will be updated as we get more information from each local Pride event.

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Interview: A Hair's Breadth

Posted by Editor on 12 May 2013

"One month, one chair, one barber. We talked to every client who sat down every Saturday in January 2013, and now we're having an exhibition to show you what happened."

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As One In The Park 2013, a new LGBT festival for London

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 23 March 2013

When I first moved to London over 10 years ago now, I used to go along to Finsbury Park to the Big Gay Out. For years now, there has been nothing like it, and I, as well as many of my friends have certainly noticed this. London, such a gay-friendly hub is definitely lacking. Thankfully, Orange Nation have got together with Saturn Star, and in May 2013 will be hosting 'As One in the Park'.

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Fringe! is back and better than ever

Posted by Planet Nation on 21 March 2013

Four days of enhanced screenings, world premieres, queer classics and cult rarities, Fringe! continues to mix great gay film with high-energy creative events, art happenings, oddball performance, discussion and debate – and upbeat after parties – with many events free! 

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Liberte and Habibi - 2 great club nights

Posted by Planet Nation on 03 March 2013

If you're looking for a new night, or perhaps haven't been to Liberté or Habibi in a while, why not check them out in March or April? Liberté has been around a whopping 16 years and is still going strong.

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Wotever Mini Queer Film Festival

Posted by Editor on 01 March 2013

This was the 2nd mini queer film festival Wotever has held, and they announced another in July. With an open call for submissions it’s a real opportunity for budding queer filmmakers to get their work viewed by a receptive audience. You are encouraged to put your comments, thoughts, ideas on film and enter. Keep an eye on woteverworld.com for more information.

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Movie star helps to highlight issues faced by femmes

Posted by Planet Nation on 02 February 2013

Movie star, Victoria Broom, is lending her voice to a campaign by new London femme / lipstick lesbian group, Stilettos.

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Big Gay Lifestyle Show 2012 - Planet London brings the community together

Posted by Planet Nation on 12 September 2012

In a move to make sure the exhibitors at the event fully reflects lifestyle for lesbian and bi women, Planet London has arranged for a community stall to ensure the events, businesses, DJs and groups we support have a chance to talk to the lesbians and bi women of London face to face.

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Marlene – the most enduring gay icon of them all

Posted by Planet Nation on 27 July 2012

Almost twenty years after her death, the legend of Marlene Dietrich endures. Her image is still ubiquitous, whether it’s a newspaper feature on smoking (cue pic of Marlene with smoke curling round her head) the latest fashion trend (whatever it is, Marlene did it first http://online.wsj.com/article/AP8d08bea4c98a497783e03bcd9f50ebe2.html) or the latest pop star channelling her (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue have all had a go recently).

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Something to Pout about

Posted by Planet Nation on 01 July 2012

POUT has recently moved to a larger venue than it's previous sultry haunt. Drift provides a more central location and a bigger dance space, as well as pre-event meal deal, that gets you free entry, to boot - an island of calm in the city.

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Don't mind if I Bijou

Posted by Planet Nation on 30 May 2012

June sees Bijou’s second date at new residence Cos Bar and if last month’s £5 cocktail special is anything to go by, a twist on the traditional Cosmo called ‘Lost and Delirious’ – pomegranate flavoured with a dash of lime – sounding delicious, and making guests delirious Bijou guests are in for a treat in June (Sat 9 June).

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Camden LGBT Forum launches advice and safety project (C.L.A.S.P) to welcome the worldwide LGBT community travelling to London th

Posted by Planet Nation on 09 May 2012

London based LGBT charity, the Camden LGBT Forum is today celebrating its 10th year anniversary by launching the CAMDEN LGBT ADVICE AND SAFETY PROJECT (CLASP), the first of its kind in London. 

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NO.NO Fest :(

Posted by Planet Nation on 04 May 2012

We are disappointed today to hear the GO.GO Fest 2012 has had to be cancelled.

Despite a long run at promotion, offers and a fantastic line up that included acts such as Uh Huh Her, Betty and Jill Jackson, and a much more accessible venue for Londoners, it appears that not enough women were drawn to the festival billed as a non stop 72 hour party for women.

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Film, film and more film with Fringe!

Posted by Planet Nation on 26 March 2012

No sooner has the BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival ended and we'll all be mourning the loss of the atmosphere of the BFI and the social experience - but fear not because Fringe! is back!

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LLGFF - more than just films!

Posted by Editor on 09 March 2012

It's one of our favourite times of the year for many reasons: we love films; we love films with gay characters; we love high lesbian and gay visibility in London; and we love the atmosphere that comes with the annual BFI's London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on the Southbank.

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