Something to Pout About - 4th Birthday and a new venue!

Venue: Yager Bar, 2-3 Old Change Court, Peters Hill, London EC4M 8EN

Tickets: £5 guest list in advance; £7 before 10pm; £10 after.

Timing: 8pm to 2am 

Photos of Pout's 4th Birthday:

PoutPOUT is back with a-vengeance for it's 4th Birthday, making it one of the most established club nights around for lesbians and bi women in London.

This month it takes place in it's new venue, the laid-back Yager Bar. Drinks are average for London. There are sexy seating areas, and a large capacity, a bar area, mezzanine dance floor and smoking balcony - meaning it's a great space to hold this buzzing event.

Popular DJ's Jo Bunny (9pm-11pm), Ritu (11pm-1am) and Shady Lady (1am-2am) play a mix of feel good music: Disco, funk, soul, pop dance, 90s club house - something for all tastes and guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor all night. 

The birthday party celebration is about the friends we have made, the laughter had and the fact events like POUT represents all that is good about being able to meet other wonderful gay women.


POUT is run by Elaine McKenzie, known throughout the London scene as the creator of the Glass bar. Elaine continues to run Glass Bar events for the community because she wants to "provide a variety of choice for women to come out and play and interact, extend their friendship circle. It's about a space with no stereotypes." 

Following a short break to take a time out and reflect over the summer (with a book and the radio and family), Elaine is back with a bang, refreshed and raring to go. She appreciates all the positive feedback she's had from Glass Bar fans over the summer, and especially her National Diversity Award Nomination. She was a runner up in the 2013 NDAs this year. The Glass Bar itself turns 18 this year. More reasons to celebrate at POUT.

NB: Yager Bar has a strict door entry policy so when coming to POUT you must, must have photographic ID to enter the Yager Bar. This is a condition on their drinks license.