New Year's Eve Party Low Down

Another New Year is creeping up on us... so we let you know what is on... where will you be going?

Are you planning to go out in town, or having a house party? Perhaps your idea of a good New Year is to enjoy it at home with a meal and a drink.

For those of you who are planning on going out, we've collated the events that are being held this NYE. There is quite a selection available so hopefully something for everyone.

Have we missed an event? Then let us know. Unfortunately Facebook is becoming harder and harder to find events - even though we subscribe to all the LBQ promoters' pages, we still aren't seeing their events. With no income, we don't have the resource to spend the hours needed to trawl through manually to find them all. We understand not every LBQ woman is on Facebook, however this is the default and main space used by all of the promoters to promote their events.


The Glass Bar NYE 2017 Party FlyerGlass Bar's New Year's Eve Party: Divas & Dappers, London
£20 in advance, £35 on the door 8pm-2am

The Glass Bar has hosted many spectacular New Years Eve Parties and this year will be no different. 

Every New Years Eve party has been unique and a sell out. Avoid disappointment and get your tickets now, re-live the magnificent Glass Bar New Years Eve Party experience and start your 2018 on the best note ever. This New Years Eve Party theme is based on a 1930s Parisian Lesbian Nightclub called Le Monocle and to celebrate the new year in, The Glass Bar is hosting its own version of 1930s 
Le Monocle called Divas & Dappers.

Divas & Dappers New Years Eve Party will be in the Steam Room at Drink Shop & Do in Kings Cross. Drink Shop & Do is an award winning bar and events space located 5 minutes away from Kings Cross Tube and National Rail.

Dress code - glamorous Divas and sexy Dapper girls. Monocles are optional.

Calendar event:

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L!ck Events NYE 2017 Party FlyerL!ck NYE Party, London
£10 in advance, £15 on the door 9pm-3am

GIRLS ONLY (Trans, gay, bi, curious, + straight allies) 

Dj Ayanna and dj Miller. Hiphop/grime/Rnb 

Tickets limited so must book in advance!

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L!ck Events NYE 2017 Party FlyerL!ck NYE Party, Manchester
£7 in advance, £12 on the door 10pm-3am

Hiphop/grime/rnb/bashment with top dj's Whitley Ruchea and Dj CC! 

Tickets available online via the link!

GIRLS ONLY! (Anyone that identifies as female)

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MINT New Year's Eve Party 2017 flyerMINT New Year's Eve Party, London
£15 in advance, £18 late release

After oodles of fun-filled parties throughout the year, how does Mint decide to do NYE? Find a swanky London venue called Balls Brothers (we know) and fill it with hundreds of lady-loving lasses, that's what. Hey, it's how we roll.

Just a hop, skip and a sprightly jig away from Bond Street station, this freshly revamped venue is now owned by the same friendly folk who run Covent Garden's Foundation Bar, so you can expect reasonably priced booze, banging tunes, and a considerable absence of brothers with balls (although as always, boy buddies are welcome as your guests).

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